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  • Spirits of the Northern Lights


    “You have a long way to go before you are wise like the old people,” Grandma Grace tells ten-year-old Cora when she leaves her hard-working single mother and spends summers with her grandparents. Each summer, Grandma Grace and Grandpa William teach ...

  • The Prairie Sea


    Today is Grandmother’s birthday, but there’s no time to waste! Hanna is planning a very special birthday present for her grandmother. They are going to the sea! But how is that possible? The ocean is so far away. Hanna can’t wait to share her ...

  • The Story of Emi

    The mountain is high, but step by step you reach the top. by

    Emi is a beautiful, happy, smart and kind little girl. Follow her from the day she was born to the end of kindergarten. Share with her the adventures she encounters in her journey up the mountain of life. While reading this book, you will live ...

  • I Keep You in My Heart


    Like so many young girls today that live in single-parent homes, Steph carries the never-ending wound of her father not being in her life. Pop, as her grandfather is called, serves as that warm ray of sunshine she gets to enjoy during her summer ...

  • Our Grandfamily

    A Flip-Sided Book About Grandchildren Being Raised By Grandparents by

    About the Book Our Grandfamily is an honest, yet reassuring look at the struggles and joys of living in a skip-generation family. Designed as a flip-sided book, dual stories allow readers to experience a unique type of family arrangement from the ...

  • Across a Prairie Sky


    Ellen is a 14 year old girl living on a farm in rural Manitoba at the beginning of the last century. When she was 7 years old her Dad told her that the beautiful Morgan mare that he’d just traded for a sow pig was hers. She can hardly believe it and ...

  • The 3 R's - Read Rap and Rhyme with Grammy and Me

    Big Feet Little Feet and Here There and Everywhere by

    These two fun rap and rhyming stories will capture the attention and delight of a young child as he interacts rapping verses with pictures. As you Read - Rap the beat - and hear the Rhyme. Kids catch on quickly. You will too. Grammy and Grandson's ...

  • Hooray For Saturday!


    Saturday is a fun day when grandmother comes to visit. The children jump up and down and laugh when they see grandmother come to visit. The little twins play with mother’s things on the shelf and break them. Four-year-old big sister does not listen ...