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  • To My Boy Baby


    To My Boy Baby chronicles Ella’s love for her adoptive brother, George, through a series of personal letters starting when little Ella first dreams of her Boy Baby. The book provides touching episodes of their lives together from toddler years ...

  • Reverence and Spinder

    A Most Unusual Love Story by

    All of us struggle from time to time with accepting ourselves—loving ourselves—for who we are, and Spinder is no different. A young, scraggly blue spruce tree, Spinder knows she is not as majestic as Reverence, the old cedar tree who has been at her ...

  • Leo Finds a Forever Home


    More than anything in the world, Leo wants a forever home. He is so lonely!! Leo’s heart leads him through many adventures, some fun and some, a bit scary, on his search to find new friends and a safe place to live. Who is LooLoo and how will she ...

  • Little Puddie Cat


    What would you do if you found a stray cat in your yard? Would you chase it away? Would you feed it? Would you adopt it? This is a true story of how a homeless orange and white cat found a new home with a friendly family and their dog named Blackie. ...

  • I Grew you in my Heart


    David is a curious two-year-old who loves to laugh and hide from his mother in the garden. When his pregnant older cousin visits one day, David asks his mother if her tummy was that big when she grew him. David’s mother tells him that she didn’t ...

  • My Family, My Home

    Book Two by

    Life will never be the same for 11-year-old Josh. Josh has always lived in an orphanage, but now a family is adopting him. Foxy and Rotten are excited to be opening their home to this new and much-wanted boy, and to deepen the bonds of their family ...

  • Harley The Happy Little Husky

    Being Different by

    Harley is a happy little Siberian Husky, who lives in Canada. Harley thought he was the same as his siblings but found out he was very different. He soon comes to realize that being different is a good thing and that things always work out. Harley ...

  • The Beautiful House on the Hill


    The Beautiful House on the Hill tells the story of a lovely and mysterious house. After hearing many rumours about this house in a far away land, a traveller decides to go on the adventure of a lifetime to discover for herself if the rumours are ...