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  • Pet Surprise


    The target audience is for kids in elementary/early education. The text deals with themes about the life cycle, metamorphosis, amphibians, nature, exploration & observation, caring for pets and responsibility. This story features a young boy who ...

  • Timmy and the Wild Wood


    Timmy is a little green frog who lives in a hollow in a pond with his mamma, poppa, and sister, Trina. The pond is a peaceful place where dragonflies fly and robins sing, and the Hops family lives there happily. One day, a strange noise wakes Timmy ...

  • Frog of Arcadia


    Thomas is an aquarium toad of unknown parentage. He doesn’t know his past and the prospects for his future are dim. While he’s read extensively about faraway lands, Thomas has never ventured beyond the glass walls of home. But when happenstance ...

  • Kit and the Toadpit


    An irritable little girl sets out for a pond to persecute the small animals who live there. Her mean actions are not her fault. Kit is under the spell of The Miserable Pout. Fortunately, she runs into a toad who is also enchanted by the same ...

  • Joad the Toad


    A beautifully illustrated rhymed verse story of a little toad born with an abnormality. As a result, he was bullied by children and ignored by his peers thus leaving him friendless and very unhappy. His adversity brought him the greatest benefit ...

  • Pollywog Pickle's Great Big Plan


    “Pollywog Pickle wasn’t big, he was little. And that’s exactly what he did not want to be.” Have you ever wanted to be someone else, maybe a professional athlete or a famous movie star? Have you ever felt too small for your own big dreams? Pollywog ...

  • Earp the Burping Frog


    Earp has a problem with manners. He doesn’t understand that he is bothering the other animals in the pond by his loud burping. He’s told by the elder frogs that he has to move across the pond it didn’t seem to bother him to make the move. He doesn’t ...