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  • Crystal Beach

    Out of the Park by

    “The memories within the millions of people who experienced Crystal Beach, even just once, will never be lost.” One of Canada’s greatest entertainment centres existed for one hundred years in an isolated little village in one of the southernmost ...

  • The Welsh Owens

    Squires of Campobello by

    In an age when the political institutions of Europe and America were already democratizing, the owners of a huge parcel of land in North America went the other way, to feudalism. This book is an original study of the patricians who directed the ...

  • A Village In The Shadows

    The Remarkable Story of St Davids, Ontario by

    A Village in the Shadows is about survivors from the American Revolution who remained loyal to King George III. At the start of the revolution in 1776, families began to lose their homes, farms and businesses. They wanted to continue their old way ...

  • Last Run

    The Gauntlet Runner Book VII by

    Jacob Murray finally has what he wanted…almost. He is still tired from a war that has dragged on close to seven years. He desperately wants to get home but he has his obligations. He finally has Maggie by his side, only as fate has it, heartbreak is ...

  • The Fenian Season

    A Canadian Historical Thriller by

    This fast paced historical thriller takes place against the background of a rising Fenian movement in the United States and the overt hostility of Washington toward the ‘Canadas’ immediately after the American Civil War. The Fenian Brotherhood was ...

  • Five Ages of Canada

    A History From Our First Peoples to Confederation by

    Five Ages of Canada tells the comprehensive tale of the nation’s origins and formation. Graham’s First Age introduces Canada’s First Inhabitants: the Palaeo-Indians from Northern Asia, their descendants, and the First Nations, Inuit and Métis ...

  • Hallowed Ground

    Stories of the Yale Pioneer Cemetery by

    This book makes it easy with its compelling collection of stories about the people who are buried at the Yale Pioneer Cemetery, an antique burial ground “at a stopping point between Fort Langley and Fort Kamloops,” BC. Established in 1858, the Yale ...

  • The Story of the 1917 Halifax Explosion and the Boston Tree


    At 9:06 in the morning of December 6, 1917 in the City of Halifax, Nova Scotia two ships collided. Minutes later there was an apocalyptic explosion followed by a blizzard of flying glass, splintered wood and white hot metal falling from the sky. In ...

  • Homesteading and Stump Farming on the West Coast 1880-1930

    Powell River, Lund, Stillwater & Mysterious Horseshoe Valley by

    Imagine obtaining one hundred and sixty acres of land for FREE! Then comes the real payment: the sweat and toil of living in a remote wilderness and clearing a landscape where the stumps left behind are so large and so numerous the best bet is to ...