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Residential schools, Mount Elgin, Munsee Delaware, Colonization, Canadian history, Settler-Indigenous relations, First Nations

Nii Ndahlohke
Boys' and Girls' Work at Mount Elgin Industrial School, 1890-1915
by Mary Jane Logan McCallum

This book takes its title from the phrase for “I work” in Lunaape, the traditional language of Munsee Delaware people, and was inspired by the work of the Munsee Delaware Language and History Group. Written for the descendants and communities of children who attended Mount Elgin and intended as a resource for all Canadians, Nii Ndahlohke tells the story of student life at Mount Elgin Industrial School between 1890 and 1915. Like the school itself, Nii Ndahlohke is structured in two sections. The first focuses on boys’ work, including maintenance and farm labour, the second on girls’ work, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

In Nii Ndahlohke readers will find a valuable piece of local, Indigenous, and Canadian history that depicts the nature of “education” provided at Canada’s Indian residential schools and the exploitation of children’s labour in order to keep school operating costs down. This history honours the students of Mount Elgin even as it reveals the injustice of Indian policy, segregated schooling, and racism in Canada.

Mary Jane Logan McCallum is a professor of history at the University of Winnipeg and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous People, History and Archives.


Mary Jane Logan McCallum
The Munsee Delaware Language and History Group
Julie Tucker

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