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  • A Path of Spears


    JOHN CAIRNS was one of the few Canadians to serve in the British Administrative Service of the United Nations Trust Territory of Tanganyika, then under British mandate. This novel of East Africa at a time of transition reflects his experience as a ...

  • Under the Acacia Tree


    This book holds the inspiring story of friendship and collaboration between two groups of people - in Kenya and in Canada. They saw how many bright young people in Kenya were denied a chance for an education due to family poverty - and did something ...

  • Walking Them Home

    A Soldier’s Journey in Postwar Rwanda by

    In July of 1994, Leading Seaman Derrick Nearing, a military medic, is urgently deployed to Rwanda, a country he has never heard of, sent on a mission halfway around the world that will colour the rest of his life. In the previous months, Rwanda has ...

  • Angels in Swollen Crises

    Stepmother by

    In November of 1991, with the Nile in flood, a breakaway faction of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) led by Riek Machar killed approximately 2,000 Dinka civilians in the southern Sudanese state of Jonglei in what would become known as the ...

  • Tears On The Equator

    Muzungu by

    In the beginning, in 1973, when a young couple met at a seminary in the city of Boston, during a time of great racial tension over an issue called bussing, they dared to share a dream and the dream was about faith, progress, unity, love and ...

  • RSVP Rice and Stew Very Plenty

    The Story of an Ismaili Girl’s Expulsion from Uganda and Acceptance in Canada by

    This compelling autobiography chronicles the life of Nazlin Rahemtulla, an Ismaili Muslim. Nazlin vividly depicts the origins of Ismailism, and traces her ancestry to the Gujarat in western India. The migration of her grandparents and parents to ...