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Ismaili, Aga Khan, Jinja, Uganda, Gujrat, India, Lake Victoria, River Nile, Idi Amin Kenya Safari

RSVP Rice and Stew Very Plenty
The Story of an Ismaili Girl’s Expulsion from Uganda and Acceptance in Canada
by Nazlin Rahemtulla with Margaret Fairweather

This compelling autobiography chronicles the life of Nazlin Rahemtulla, an Ismaili Muslim. Nazlin vividly depicts the origins of Ismailism, and traces her ancestry to the Gujarat in western India. The migration of her grandparents and parents to Uganda follows. She then recounts her early life in Jinja against the backdrop of turbulent Ugandan politics, the rise to power of the barbaric Idi Amin, and the devastating ouster of her family and other Asians from their country.

The re-location of Nazlin and her family to Canada; their triumphs and pitfalls in the New World; their dedication to Ismailism; Nazlin's career in Canadian business and finance; the complexities of reclaiming her family's Ugandan assets in the early 1990s; Nazlin's meeting with President Museveni of Uganda; her decision about whether or not to return to East Africa to rejuvenate her father's business; and her travels throughout the world with family and friends round out this enthralling saga.

The author, Nazlin Rahemtulla, is the Human Resources Manager for the Vancouver office of Gowlings, a national Canadian law firm. She lives in Burnaby, British Columbia. Her co-author, Margaret Fairweather, is a retired lawyer who resides in New Westminster, British Columbia.


Nazlin Rahemtulla with Margaret Fairweather

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