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  • Endless


    For countless centuries, Isaac Rojas had tried to live the quiet life, but he is forever being pulled to locations just before cataclysmic occurrences. Most recently, he was in New York on 9/11, then in Indonesia when the tsunami hit. Through these ...

  • Blue Star


    It’s been five years since Macy Jones and John Hendricks defeated Magnus Jupiter and Olympias, freeing Terraroma from centuries of war. When the smugglers aboard The Maryjane have to make a run from the Sol System Peacekeepers, they’re unwittingly ...

  • Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis

    Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago by

    IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, IN AN ANCIENT WORLD OF ANXIETY ... Noah warned the world about the coming flood yet, outside of his family, no one listened. Ancient prophecies, signs, and omens pointed to coming worldwide disaster—yet no one listened. Signs ...

  • Nazi Gold - Latitude 55


    In the waning days of World War II, a crafty Sicilian prospector and his mafia associates concoct a scheme to hide tons of Nazi gold, pilfered from their victims, in an aspiring gold mine in the mountains of British Columbia until it is called for. ...

  • Out of Abaddon

    The Long Journey Home by

    Everything is going as normal in the post-coronavirus world, until it suddenly isn't. Skye Rider leaves Yellowknife carrying data that will form the biggest expose of her journalistic career; she doesn't realize just how important that data is, or ...

  • Green War: An Unmanifest Destiny


    By the year 2027, on the North American landmass, East of the Mississippi River, a new government had risen in Philadelphia, bringing stability back to everyplace it had touched. This entity became known as the Restored American Federal Government, ...

  • ABAJAM Chronicles Book II

    Strange New World, Same Olde World by

    Would You Rewrite History? Book two begins where book one left off, just not exactly in the same place or time. The first chapter opens right in the middle of Albert’s real time philandering. You get to follow along with him through his impaired ...

  • Percivious

    Insomnia by

    An insomnia pandemic is sweeping the globe, leaving people unable to function and society on the brink of collapse... Dr. Cooper Delaney believes he has the answer: Noctural, a new sleep-aid—one with absolutely no side-effects—which in early ...

  • Two Men, One River


    Begin with 1918 Niagara-on-the-lake: its opulence and extravagance, the actors and the elite, the tennis and golf and lawn bowling, and the promise of a fantastical amusement park lifestyle. The region is thriving. Sir Adam Beck is building the ...