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Spy Express cover

  • eBook Edition
    • 978-1-03-919343-7
    • epub, pdf files
  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-03-919341-3
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 210 pages
  • Hardcover Edition
    • 978-1-03-919342-0
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 210 pages
  • Keywords
    • Alternate history,
    • aliens in WWII,
    • Espionage,
    • Steam trains,
    • Bioweapons,
    • Spy Academy,
    • Romance thriller

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Spy Express
Weirder Than Spies
by Ahmad Hani H.

In 1942, enemies—human and otherwise—lurk in every corner of Europe. Upon infiltration of an Axis technical research facility, a spy named Amelia (code name: “Annika”) discovers new, frightening weapons, along with tales of strange, blue-skinned people. Determined to destroy the cache of weapons, Annika and her young apprentice, Daniel, board a train to Lastpeak, in Norway. When the train is stranded due to an avalanche, the driver, Miles—who doesn’t know what he’s transporting—and other members of the crew set out on a harrowing trek through sub-zero wilderness in search of a nearby Norwegian town. What they discover there is a chilling, mind-bending reality that threatens the very future of humankind. Meanwhile, back on the train, Annika has entered a battle of wits with the handsome and mysterious weapons expert Khalid Pasha as she tries to gain access to the secrets he is guarding. But the true extent of the secrets aboard the train is beyond both Annika and Khalid’s wildest imagination. All will come to a terrifying conclusion as espionage, sci-fi, and romance convene in Ahmad Hani H.'s phantastic vision of history.

I enjoyed it thoroughly - Memo I loved it - Maize

Ahmad Hani H. is an avid reader of historical fiction, a World War II enthusiast, martial artist, and gamer. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree at a university in the UK. Spy Express is his first book.


Ahmad Hani H.

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