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  • Our Heritage


    Our Heritage is a gesture towards home. The stories and poems in this collection are little slices of life, explorations of family, labour, illness, spirituality, war, and environmentalism, featuring coastal landscapes and a meteorologist’s ...

  • The Chaos Of Little Suburbia


    The Chaos Of Little Suburbia contains a variety of horrifying, thrilling and intriguing tales, ranging from the two novellas to the nine short stories. There are tales involving decimating magical forces, mysterious and otherworldly events, ...

  • Small Windows


    Small Windows is a collection of flash science fiction stories that provide glimpses into various states of the human condition on far-flung planets and in different times. Each tale is a brief exploration of what it means to experience life—an ...

  • Short Stories


    A Collection of Short Stories by Michael Guest is exactly what it says it is, but that does not mean it’s unsurprising. In these pages are stories of betrayal and murder, of passion, and redemption. The stories cover the gritty realism of life in a ...

  • A Second Coming and Other Stories


    After a sudden, silent, but brilliantly dazzling meteor shower one night, nothing seems very much different…except for an odd little fungus that appears on computer consultant Stanley’s deck next morning. But then his cat Livingston begins acting ...

  • Bottomless Dreams


    Bottomless Dreams is a fearlessly inventive story collection—a philosophical tapestry woven with imagination, wit, and guts. Each story presents a unique world, wildly different from the last. The stories range from the fantastic to the gritty, ...

  • Accounts of No Consequence

    And Other Insignificant Fiction by

    These lively and likable “accounts of no consequence” range from legend to mystery, and take the reader on adventures in frozen Norse isles, sunny La Jolla, bomb-torn Tora Bora, and other curious and consequential places.