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Short Stories, Secret Identity, Second Chance, Spirituality, Religion, Twist Ending, Journey

Short Stories
by Michael Guest

A Collection of Short Stories by Michael Guest is exactly what it says it is, but that does not mean it’s unsurprising.

In these pages are stories of betrayal and murder, of passion, and redemption. The stories cover the gritty realism of life in a rehab center and the eerie supernaturalism of ghosts rising up to right wrongs and aid their ancestors. They range from the past, in which a civil war veteran returns home to find his land seized, the present, in which a small town preacher tries to overcome the temptations of the big city, through to hints of the future, where an astronaut lost in space becomes one of the first humans to encounter alien life.

Ultimately, these are stories of redemption and community, of making things better and making things right. These are stories that hope to speak to the best in people, and to keep them entertained from start to finish.

Michael Guest lives many childhood dreams by working on the railroad, and he began seriously writing only a decade ago while recovering from an accident. The results of that effort fill these pages.

He enjoys sports and music jazz, mostly and lives in Chicago with some relatives. He credits his mother and the rest of his family with turning him into the faithful, hardworking, and imaginative man he is today.

A Collection of Short Stories is his first book.


Michael Guest

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