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Art book, sketches, minimalism graphics, visual story, visual communication, humorous pictures

107 Illustrations
Imagination in Minimalism
by Michael Gronnerud

Made with a subtle style 107 Illustrations is sure to please and delight anyone who likes to laugh and wonder about the ordinary things around them. Simple, clean and mixed with scenes of the unusual bumping into the usual. It is balanced with a central discussion about illustrations, drawings and sketches.

A collection from a larger series of drawings, the enclosed work brings together elements that seem curious or absurd, offering the viewer a moment of discovery. It is intended to involve the imagination and engage the story-telling habits of the reader. If you are interested in minimalism, comics, illustrations, graphic design or the drawings that make design work, then this book is yours to love.

As a designer & an author Michael Gronnerud has previously written books about design and creativity. In 2016 he began exploring the drawing form of illustration to show how a simple drawing could express so much so easily, using only a few lines. Working as a professional designer for many years provided him an eye for detail. Included in the book are some of his perspectives on drawing as an art.


Michael Gronnerud

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