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Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots
21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space
by Sherry Burton Ways

Often it is when we least expect it that life throws us a curve ball, and though we might swing at it, that doesn’t mean we’ll always connect. Plans fall apart. Things we thought we knew turn out to be illusory. There is a sense of dislocation when this happens – sometimes it is fleeting, and we can shake it off, but other times it is profound. And unfortunately, the dislocation that comes from an unexpected life-altering shift is often literal as well as metaphorical. We find ourselves living in a new space and scrambling to make sense of how we arrived there. Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots:21 Rituals to Transform Your Life and Interior Space provides simple actionable strategies for adjusting to life after a transition of any kind. In this book, Sherry Burton Ways (author of Feel Good Spaces, 2012) shares personal experience. She knows what it means to suddenly find yourself somewhere new and understands the potential impact of small intentional choices. This book offers simple, actionable rituals that will quickly make the reader feel at home in their new surroundings.

“Ever since Feel Good Spaces was published, I have looked forward to more of Sherry’s books. She has good common sense combined with a flair for design coupled with knowledge of feng shui, color and a host of other modalities. Her new book, Landing on Your Feet, contains her wisdom gained from real life experiences resulting in a book one can use over and over again. Kudos, Sherry, for a wonderful addition to the world of support and transformation for us all.” Diantha Harris, ASID Author: Simply Color and Simply Color for Everyday Living "I absolutely loved the very thoughtful ways author, Sherry Burton-Ways, integrated our emotional wellness directly with our physical space. While I always knew that my environment was important, the masterful way the author shared what we feel, with what we should create and how to create it, really enlightened me. Landing on Your Feet and Putting Down Roots is a great companion for anyone who is going through a major transition and is looking for great rituals to help support them through what can be an often challenging time." Shari Alyse Co-Founder, The Wellness Universe

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Sherry Burton Ways, an award winning author, trainer, speaker, Certified Design Psychology Coach, and Certified Graceful Lifestyles Consultant, uses her talents to help reprogram your energy, transform your space and reset your life. She is a Designer, Speaker, Certified Feng Shui Consultant, Certified Interior Color Consultant, Certified Interior Environment Coach, and Certified Color Therapist. Her mission is to use her creative gifts to inspire and educate people and organizations to create peaceful and productive interior environments. Ways has been quoted in Essence Magazine, Popsugar,, Buzzfeed, Rodale’s Organic Life Magazine and have been interviewed on national and international blog talk radio shows. Sherry is the author of the award winning, Amazon Best Selling book, Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit (2012). The book also was a winner of the “How-To” Category at the 2013 National Green Book Festival. Sherry is also a regular design columnist for E the Magazine for Today’s Female Executive.


Sherry Burton Ways

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