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  • Keywords
    • Constellating for the Collective,
    • Systemic Constellation Work,
    • Family Constellation Work,
    • Organizational Constellation Work,
    • Knowing Field,
    • Quantum Field,
    • Representative Perception

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Whole Systems Design
Inquiries in the Knowing Field
by Diana Claire Douglas

Whole Systems Design: Inquiries in the Knowing Field is an open invitation and an inspiration for Innovators, System Designers, Leaders, Change Agents, and Constellators—anyone who wishes to live and work from a whole systems perspective. It is for people new to working with complex systems as well as for those who will enjoy engaging with its practitioners, its concepts, and its emerging history. It is a book of stories, conversations, and interviews, about finding ways to serve Life, to serve humanity, to serve the Whole, through a process which has been emerging through the author—Constellating for the Collective—a process that itself has emerged from Systemic Constellation Work and the Knowing Field. Whole Systems Design opens with the author’s journey, letting readers behind the curtain of facilitation. She describes the pragmatic steps and tools she has developed with deep dedication over many years. She includes a succinct description of the impact of this work on participants and for the Collective. Lively conversations with colleagues trace the collaboration and co-creation vital in this evolving field. Nine interviews with long-time facilitators and trainers of Constellation Work—who share their insights about Collective Constellation Work—provide a rich resource.

“This is the most robust and comprehensive manual I have found. I heartily recommend Whole Systems Design to change agents anywhere.” Katherine Curran, PhD, Co-founder of Minnesota Center for Systemic Constellations “I was told there was a twinkle in my eyes when I was reading the manuscript. Yes, this work describes different forms of practice of evolutionary leadership that offers impact with healing and hope, possibility, and potential to co-create collectively, serving the emergence of a conscious, harmonic Humanity.” Drs Anne-Marie Voorhoeve “This book, and the people doing this Collective Constellation Work, introduced me to a whole other way of being in the world, a way that honours the collective and its power to access deep knowing.” Judith Miller, PhD “The author’s detailed step-by-step description lets readers see behind the curtain of facilitation. She also gives the most succinct presentation of the impact of Systemic Constellation Work that I have come across. She highlights the value of accessing different types of knowing which change people’s perceptions of an issue. People with changed perception then go on to change systems.” Jake Jennings, MBA, DBA candidate.

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Diana Claire Douglas is systemic facilitator, coach and consultant (for individuals, families, organizations, and the Collective), founder of Knowing Field Designs: Aligning Human Systems with Life. She brings to facilitation her love for Life as an artist, author, researcher and grandmother. Her purpose: attuning to the Sacred, to participate in the movements for humanity to be in our rightful place in relationship with All-Life. She is lead Constellator for The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence and for Integral City. Constellating for the Collective is offered globally online and in person through invitations, monthly gatherings, retreats, workshops, and presenting at international conferences. She is co-creating The Hague Center for Field Inquiry—a home for action research using Constellating for the Collective as a primary research tool. Her work with complex systems was recognized by Integral City awarding her the “Meshworker of the Year” Award, 2018.


Diana Claire Douglas

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