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  • Got Smoothie Go

    It’s a Nutrient-Rich Life! Your Smoothie Guide to Detox, Fighting Disease, Muscle Health, Healthy Weight Loss & Vibrant Living by

    'Got Smoothie Go' is a complete guide to Detox, Fighting Disease, Muscle Health, Healthy Weight Loss & Vibrant Living. Don’t you agree, you deserve a healthier lifestyle that focuses on all the vital nutrients your body needs for nourishment? A ...

  • Shop It! Mise It! Make It!

    Pronounced “Meeeeeese like Cheese” Change the Way You Cook by

    Don't give up on cooking. Try it again with a better approach and attitude. With the resurgence of home cooking, Shop It! Mise It! Make It! is the perfect how-to-cook instructional guide that will give you the know-how you need to: • Discover a ...

  • Plant Foods for Life

    A New Method for Assessing the Nutritional Quality and Dietary Wellness of 100 Vegetables by

    "Plant Foods for Life" is a one-of-a-kind reference book written to help consumers around the world. An indispensable companion to improve a lifestyle, maintain good health and restore wellness. The author exposes his new approach to assess ...

  • Vegan Family Style

    My Veggie Jurney by

    Have you ever had an interest in going Vegan, but you have a family to provide for and aren’t sure how to include them? Are you done with over the top recipes for every day cooking? Perhaps you have been Vegan for a while but don’t really know how ...

  • Eat 4 Health


    Have you ever been told this about your health issues? It must be in your head—we can’t find anything wrong. I’m here to tell you, it’s not in your head. Foods we’ve been told for decades are healthy may be compromising our quality of life. It’s ...

  • Organic Cooking From Me, To You


    After her son was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008, Vilma Salvati completely changed her family’s diet to try and make a difference in her son’s life. Along the way, she learned and developed life changing ideas about healthy eating. As ...

  • Salt Rocks!

    Make every meal a fine dining experience by

    Join Salt Cellarist Virginia Marion as she helps unravel the mysteries of cooking with artisan sea salts. Salt Rocks! showcases inventive new ways of using an ingredient that’s been around for millennia. The easy-to-use cookbook features salt ...

  • Medical Edibles

    A guide to cooking with medicinal cannabis by

    Many people struggling with chronic medical conditions can attest to the ineffectiveness of pharmaceuticals and the unpleasant side effects that such drugs cause. In his cookbook Medical Edibles, culinary artist Tim Jacquard explores how marijuana ...