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Got Smoothie Go
It’s a Nutrient-Rich Life! Your Smoothie Guide to Detox, Fighting Disease, Muscle Health, Healthy Weight Loss & Vibrant Living
by Peter A Last

'Got Smoothie Go' is a complete guide to Detox, Fighting Disease, Muscle Health, Healthy Weight Loss & Vibrant Living. Don’t you agree, you deserve a healthier lifestyle that focuses on all the vital nutrients your body needs for nourishment? A nutrient-rich smoothie in a busy lifestyle is one sure way to achieve and maintain a vital immune system for you and your family. Consuming a smoothie every day provides crucial building blocks for your gut to rebuild itself at a faster rate than normal. This means your body stays healthier by giving it the tools it needs to aid in vital functions such as nutrient absorption and waste elimination. The author shares his own health transition over the last 6 years and how he has strengthened his immune system by adding smoothies to his diet and adding value to his health bank account, including his financial account, when the body is fully nourished the amount of food needed to feed the body is reduced considerably.

Peter began his journey after losing his mother to cancer but was determined to find answers to what may have caused it so that others possibly don't have to go through something similar. After training as a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to better understand nutrition and to truly understand the primary foods in life – Spirituality, Career, Relationships, and Physical Activity. Having absorbed this information, his focus led him to a nutrient-rich lifestyle through smoothies. Understanding that all the nutrients the body needs can be challenging to fit into a busy lifestyle. After completing his certificate program at IIN, he earned further aspects of expertise: creating healthy smoothies based on personal life experiences dealing with weight challenges; learning about human nutrition levels (and how they can be balanced). Understanding when the balance is affected, it creates dis-ease in the body. After establishing a comfortable weight, he still enjoys many of his favorite foods, living with vibrant energy to function in a hectic world and avoiding common ailments such as the flu and cold. With this newfound nutrition level and a balanced metabolism, he believes he has embarked on a personal journey that he needs to share through Got Smoothie Go. Peter has always been passionate about health and wellness. He currently works as a Health Coach in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He helps people lead healthier lifestyles by providing them with nutritional knowledge for their specific needs- stress relief or nutritional supplement management. Alongside this passion of his own volition, Peter continues to study human anatomy and physiology by becoming a Biofeedback Technician to assist others in further understanding their health choices. He always remembers that leading by example to live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition is vital. We are each bio-individuals, to love and thrive in a vibrant, energetic lifestyle and be who we are to the world!


Peter A Last
G. Patterson

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