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Eat 4 Health
by Katelyn Miller and Linda Thompson

Have you ever been told this about your health issues? It must be in your head—we can’t find anything wrong. I’m here to tell you, it’s not in your head. Foods we’ve been told for decades are healthy may be compromising our quality of life. It’s time to dial back inflammation and start listening to our bodies. Eat 4 Health is a cookbook for anyone wishing to regain their health and energy. It provides recipes that are grain-free, dairy-free, lectin-reduced, sugar-reduced and low in animal protein. Using delicious, organic ingredients, the recipes will help you focus on choosing foods that bring an energetic, fog-free, pain-free lifestyle. This is not a diet—it’s a new way of eating for life. Turn away from processed foods and return to the basics. Let food be your friend. Join us in this wonderful journey and Eat 4 Your Health.

Katelyn (Deb) Miller, RN, Dipl. P.H., BSN has lived with health challenges since her mid-20s, when she began living with an autoimmune disease. Despite a background in nursing, she found nothing to help her regain her health. Katelyn pursued a career in allopathic medicine in nursing for sixteen years before making abrupt changes in her life. Her best decision was becoming an organic master gardener. It led her to the connection between good soil, nutrient-dense food and a great microbiome in the body. Creating a cookbook seemed like the logical next step. The author lives with her husband, Reg, in Anglemont, BC, amid vegetable and flower gardens, and a small fruit orchard and vineyard. Linda Thompson, the author’s sister, co-created the book. The many months the two sisters spent in the kitchen creating menu plans and experimenting with new recipes encouraged Linda to begin her own journey to health. She now enjoys a new level of energy each day because of the changes she made to her food decisions and delights in her garden harvests. Linda resides with her husband, Neil, in Erickson, BC.


Katelyn Miller
Linda Thompson
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