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Self-help for women, Loving yourself, Authenticity, Women & healing, Christian self-help, Christian healing, Healing yourself

The Struggle to Be Real
The Journey to Being Authentic
by Anita Froese

In today’s world, the pressure society places on women to be perfect can be debilitating. Whether we are scrolling through social media apps or engaging with our own communities, women are expected to handle all challenges that come up with beauty, grace, and humour. As a result, many of us struggle to connect with ourselves. What do we truly want for our lives? How do we make those dreams a reality?

In The Struggle to Be Real, Anita Froese shares her own challenges as examples of how outside pressures can cause big cracks in our foundations. Through faith, humility, and perseverance, Froese emerged from the fray not only stronger, but with a toolbox full of ways to teach other women how they can access their authentic selves.

This manual on authenticity is packed full of wisdom. Froese tackles the themes of worthiness, motive, imposter syndrome, and social media, among others. Through her unique combination of personal anecdotes, biblical scriptures, and life coaching, she shares ways in which women of all walks of life can reach deep into themselves and uncover that perfectly unique person who is unapologetically authentic.

Froese invites you to eschew the expectations that weigh you down and discover the woman who is trying to make herself known to the world. Then, she encourages you to “Celebrate You.”

Anita Froese is a certified life coach and the founder of both The Fortified Wife and The Fortified Lifestyle ( She hopes her story of pain, healing, and self-discovery can help other women feel less alone as they face their own challenges.

Anita knows how our pasts can keep us in performance mode, which becomes is extremely exhausting. She wants to inspire and encourage women to shed those constraints and work toward their authentic selves, despite the struggle.

Anita can be reached on Instagram (thefortifiedwife) and Facebook (The Fortified Wife). She lives in Winkler, Manitoba, with her husband, Hank.


Anita Froese

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