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    • mindfulness,
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    • Buddhism,
    • reflection and awareness,
    • how to practice kindness,
    • philosophy

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Are You Kindful?
How your Practice of Kindfulness can Build a Happy and Peaceful Nation
by Bhante Saranapala

In a world that feels increasingly dark and dangerous, how do we find a bright spot? How do we navigate the violence, war, racism, hate, and sexism that surround us? In Are You Kindful?,Bhante Saranapala—also known as the Urban Buddhist Monk— shows us a way out of the negativity and into a kinder, more positive world. Kindfulness is the radical act of being both kind and mindful. By combining these two qualities, we are able to bring good to the world. In the pages of this book, you will learn about the concept of kindfulness and how its presence can have widereaching impacts. But what makes this book even more valuable is the practical application of this concept. You will first learn how to apply kindfulness toward yourself. As Bhante explains, “If you are not happy, calm, and kind, the people around you cannot be happy, calm, and kind.” Once you can find grace within yourself, you will be ready to find it in others. And so, you will learn how to spread kindfulness beyond yourself and out into the world. A simple shift in perspective can be revolutionary. This book is not a religious text. Though Buddhist, Bhante does not address the precepts of Buddhism. Rather, he addresses the principles of what it is to be a kind and good human being. These are lessons that will last a lifetime. These are lessons that can change the world.

"I think we could all use less of me and more of Bhante and his optimism, earnestness and honest belief in our capacity for kindness." —Jamie Bussin, publisher, The Tonic magazine, March/April 2023 issue. "When I read this story so I could work on the illustration, I was completely charmed by it. I began the drawing, and from the beginning to the end of the process, I found myself smiling. In our crazy world, this simple story and its message just made me smile." —Sandra Greer, artist of the drawing of The Parrot Twins "Bhante Saranapala’s book is a solid solution for our world in desperate need of a little more kindness. With gentle guidance and story-telling he makes you reflect on what it truly means to be kindful to yourself and others, and beyond. And with simple processes and steps he sets you on a journey to a more kindful world." —Ginette Young

BHANTE SARANAPALA was born in Bangladesh, brought up and trained in Sri Lanka, and moved to Mississauga, Ontario, in 1995. His many charitable acts and timely teachings gained him recognition as the Urban Buddhist Monk. In 2017, he created the global initiative starting from Canada officially calling it Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation. More information about this can be found on Are You Kindful? is Bhante’s way of spreading the universal message that he hopes will one day infiltrate all the corners of the globe. He believes it is his calling to spread the message of kindfulness. According to him, a kindfulness practice is a practical possibility for anyone in the world, if they choose to embrace it. A kindfulness practice can result in healthy, happy, peaceful, and harmonious human beings. Bhante is a resident meditation teacher at the West End Buddhist Temple and Meditation Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


Bhante Saranapala
Ginette Young
Sandra Greer

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