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  • At Home in Infinity

    Exploring a Philosophy of Wholeness by

    At Home in Infinity: Exploring a Philosophy of Wholeness is a collection of short, non-academic essays that aims to promote thoughtful reflection as a way of meeting the challenges of everyday life. Written by an author with a background in ...

  • Diffability

    The Liberation of Potential by

    The goal of this book is to attempt to begin a discussion and a movement to reform the conception of disability through language. We always try to tackle the barriers persons with disabilities have in society from a sociological or administrative ...

  • Tracking Consciousness Before Birth and Beyond


    Tracking Consciousness Before Birth and Beyond is based on the author’s recollection of his conscious life before birth. In the 1st part of the book, the author narrates the memories. In the 2nd part, he explains and analyses the narrative from the ...

  • Hope


    Hope has existed since the beginning of time. Hope is an abundant and limitless natural resource. Hope is free and available to all human beings. Hope has no hidden motivations or agendas. Hope's primary focus is to help the human species ...

  • Soul Evolution


    Soul Evolution is a book for optimists. It is a book for everyone who believes in the Divine in any and every form. It is for anyone who faces our collective present and future with hope and belief in the limitless possibility for Greater Good that ...

  • Reclaiming the Life We Lost Along the Way


    We’ve been sold a bill of goods. Not out of malice but out of a fundamental misunderstanding of how to effectively approach our lives—and the world—in order to secure the genuine happiness and authentic loving relationships we desire. In Reclaiming ...

  • Some Observations of the Human Kind

    A Memoir by

    By writing this book, it was my intention to present anecdotal events occurring on a daily basis which play a role in shaping our world. Ideas and scenarios presented may be well known and expounded to us many times by different authors. Hopefully, ...

  • Moments in Time

    Reflections on Personal Mystical Experiences by

    We live in two planes of existence simultaneously: the world of our physical senses and the domain of our inner spiritual awareness. Moments in Time explores this inner realm. It describes the author’s first hand experience with divine consciousness ...

  • Believe


    When you understand who you are, then you are able to discover what you are capable of. Studies have shown that over seventy percent of the population is challenged with depression at one point in their lives. Depression is a clear and simple ...