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living with Cerebral Palsy, radio broadcast studies, radio broadcast career, Seneca College, special needs support, gratitude for family and friends, overcoming challenges caused by physical disability

Speaking My Truth
by Abdulahi Hassan

Speaking My Truth is about a young man named Abdulahi Hassan who is born with a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy and tries to live a normal life. Regardless of his daily struggles he faces physically and mentally he is slowly learning to speak his truth and taking control of his own narrative one step at a time with a single beautiful smile.

Abdulahi Hassan is a 26 year old who dreams to one day play in the NFL as a star wide receiver for his favourite team the Pittsburgh Steelers and hopes to win multiple Super Bowl rings. In the meantime he loves to drive around in his wheelchair and crash into walls as well as dedicating his time to other aspects and rolling through life with a positive outlook whilst enjoying a steak and cheese sandwich from Subway.


Abdulahi Hassan
Jim Carr

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