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Short stories, Poetry, Inspirational poems, Short story book, Inspirational stories, Literary stories, Literary fiction

A Bedouin Dies in the City
And Other Works
by Muna Abougoush

A Bedouin Dies in the City is a deep, introspective collection of short stories and poems that will challenge readers’ thoughts and feelings regarding a variety of topics, from faith to identity to love, revenge, and death. Above all, it calls readers to question commonly accepted definitions of freedom, beauty, truth, purpose, and success. Through lilting prose and stories and poems that feature arresting reversals of fortune and perspective, this book seeks to confront the norms that we have embodied as a society and challenge readers to live a deeper, more beautiful, and more meaningful life.

Muna Abougoush is a Canadian-born Muslim of Lebanese decent. For her, as for many Muslims, the last two decades have profoundly challenged her identity. This book is a compilation of moments of self-confrontation, painful realizations, and unlearning all wrapped in the colourful ribbons of fiction. Muna lives in Alberta with her husband. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time outdoors and studying her faith. This is her first book.


Muna Abougoush

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