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by Taje Sunico

Are you searching for a deeper connection with the world, nature, or yourself? Do you ever question what your purpose is or why you make certain decisions? You might be filled with these questions and more with few, meaningful answers to solve them. The Self encourages readers to focus inward first, on your core essence, and ask: who am I? Taje started with this seemingly simple question and exposed a labyrinth of reality she didn’t know existed. For readers in search of strengthening their self-awareness, meditation practices, and wanting to experience spiritual awakening, The Self is a road map leading the way to detach your ego, connect with nature, and shift your gaze inward. By releasing the negativity that clutters our mental, spiritual, and physical spaces, the path towards enrichment and fulfillment will be revealed. Taje shows that we all have this capacity within and through heightening our sense of self-awareness, we can achieve unlimited personal growth. The Self is Taje’s exploration into the depths of her inner world and how, when she surfaced on the other side, she shifted into something unknown but familiar.

Taje was inspired to write the Self after a desire emerged to have an egoic death. This led her to have a mystical conscious meditative experience supported by intelligent beings. The experience unlocked something deep within her and activated an energetic connection between her inner and outer world, guiding her to explore behind the mind, revealing the understanding of all that is. The Self is Taje’s first book. She hopes readers will realize they too have the ability to discover the Self.


Taje Sunico

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