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Ghosts, Demons, Toxic love, Telepathy, Relationship abuse, Monsters, The unexplained

House of Love
by Dahlia MacEachern

Can the haloxias survive in a brand-new world?

When they arrive at their destination, they must start from square one. Everything is new to them: even the basic tenets of survival feel out of reach. Their number one goal is to stay alive. The longer they spend on earth, the more in tune they become with the humans that inhabit it. There is evil all around, but there is also good. While some creatures want only to abuse others, other creatures seek out and consume these evil people to rid the world of their energy.

In this ongoing battle between good and evil, will the haloxias be able to find their place? More than that—will they live to see the outcome?

Dahlia MacEachern comes from a background in creative writing. She also enjoys other creative endeavors, like photography. She writes with passion about abuse based on personal experiences. She hopes that by shining the light on the harmful effects of toxic behaviour, she can encourage others to seek Safety and continue on to a better life. Sometimes justice doesn't happen or even feel right to pursue, but one can only hope for one's safety in the end.

Dahlia lives in Canada with her dog Bones. House of Love is her first book.

Find her online:


Tik Tok: @dahliam359

Instagram: dahlia.m359


Dahlia MacEachern

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