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  • Heartless


    "In this imperfect world, there is no living. It's surviving. And I can't help wonder when those of whom I love will die. I don't want to see that day." Alex is a teenage girl just trying to survive in the world. What's new, right? Zombies, ...

  • Decline


    A whirlpool of crows Swirls above, justifying Our murderousness The world is a quiet place now. The streets are choked with dust and the ruins of civilization; the horizon is bleak in every direction. There are only a few survivors left. ...

  • Sorrel and Myriana


    Pain begets insanity. Insanity begets love. Love begets pain. It is 1932, and the City of Dalltop is teeming with corruption. In the dead of night, a woman cries for help, but none turn an ear to her pleas. She scuttles through the lost ...

  • Mummy's Little Angel


    Joanne didn’t believe that her life could become worse than it already was. She had lost everybody and everything she had loved. Surely she had suffered enough? The press had called Joanne’s identical twins psychopaths. Her Maggie. Her Annie. But ...

  • Nowhere is Safe


    There’s a cold and calculated murderer at large in Boulder, Colorado. Having killed ten people already, the police are no closer in discovering who is behind these grizzly murders, only that the body count is adding up at an alarming rate. With a ...

  • Gloryhill


    In a festering town like Gloryhill, where the sewage overflows into the streets and the dirty, disease-ridden underworld claws its way to the surface, the existence of vampires is a thinly veiled secret. The most oozing, decomposed of them all, ...

  • Dark Ages


    Set in the mid-Nineteen nineties, in southern Louisiana, Dark Ages opens a window on the subculture of Liatris: people upon whom vampire myths and legends were based. Anton Kierkgaard is on the brink of becoming a master of Liatris, plunging him ...

  • Shade of the Woods


    Maria lies down in her bed waiting for sleep to bring her the escape she longs for from the living world. Maria’s spirit friend, Emily, joins her in her dreams. Tonight she welcomes Emily. Tonight Maria begins her dream seeing Emily sitting on an ...

  • The Unsustained Darkness


    Love. Chaos. Vengeance. Destruction. Regret. While attempting to break an ancient family curse brought upon by an Egyptian goddess, Janessa Dymond has to choose between the paths of good and evil. Having to deal with all the pain and deception along ...