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  • House of Love


    Can the haloxias survive in a brand-new world? When they arrive at their destination, they must start from square one. Everything is new to them: even the basic tenets of survival feel out of reach. Their number one goal is to stay alive. The ...

  • The Sundial Inn


    On a return flight from a dream vacation at the Sundial Inn located in the outskirts of New Orleans, Tim and Sara find themselves covered in bruises with no memory of the past three days. The mystery deepens once they learn the inn had ceased ...

  • They Feed Sharks


    San Francisco, The City by the Bay, is romanticized in this novel for its enduring icons, like the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the beautiful Coit Tower. Both Beat poets and Silicon Valley tech types have helped shape ...

  • Sins Of Eight: The Ballad of Lamia


    The saga continues. The crimson scourge has declared annexation, cementing its control upon the world. The Dragon will soon deliver the epoch of Funus. Will you brave The Ballad of Lamia?

  • Tales of Horror


    Tales of Horror is self explanatory. Its not gut wrenching but it hopes to intrigue the reader into the curious philosophy of horror and suspense Each story builds on horror. Its purpose is to instill horror and suspense. It is about the abusive ...

  • Sins Of Eight


    At a young age, Aiden Newbolde meets what he believes to be an imaginary friend. He introduces himself as Ira, though he prefers to be called Seven. He grows very fond of Aiden and because of this soft spot for him, Seven wants Aiden to live a ...

  • Trench


    Set during the bloody hand-to-hand combat between Allied and German troops in the First World War, Trench is centred on the lives of Reilly Weathers and Sean Foley, two young soldiers in the British Fourth Army, 32nd Division. As the men fight the ...

  • Nightshades


    Brimming with horror, tragedy, suspense, and a hint of the supernatural, Nightshades is an anthology set in the Canadian Prairies and perfect to read on a stormy night. Told with poeticism and honest mercilessness, these thrilling tales explore the ...

  • Into the Forgotten

    This is Nowhere by

    Lux Littleton is a brilliant young woman studying in the field of quantum mechanics, and even though she seeks to understand everything about the unobservable universe, nothing can prepare her for the absence she is about to face: the sudden death ...

  • The Chaos Of Little Suburbia


    The Chaos Of Little Suburbia contains a variety of horrifying, thrilling and intriguing tales, ranging from the two novellas to the nine short stories. There are tales involving decimating magical forces, mysterious and otherworldly events, ...