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  • Watches


    Police officer Mike Anglekee’s life is changed forever when crazed deliveryman Stanley Markesan decides enough is enough, and he’s going to teach the nosy policeman a lesson for interfering with his philandering. But Stanley is no ordinary courier. ...

  • Twisted Veil


    When Emilie Wyld, a disenchanted art student, takes a caretaker position at Kingsgrove Estate in the sleepy southern town of Willow Vale, she thinks she’s just found the best way to start a new life on her own. All she has to do is care for the ...

  • Souls Of The Dead


    Six-year-old Melody’s new teddy bear has a dangerous secret—there’s a demon trapped inside its soft body, intent on stealing human souls. When Melody’s mother, Sarah, makes a simple wish one day, she unknowingly sets in motion an evil plan that ...

  • Dark Ages


    From the Holy Land and the long Crusades, to European kingdoms, 20th Century Paris, Venice, and New Orleans, Dark Ages sweeps the reader into a world of intrigue, danger, and timeless romance. Set in the Mid-Nineteen Nineties, in Southern Louisiana, ...

  • Sympathy for the Reaper


    What if one day you knew that death was coming for you, and there was nothing you could do to stop it? This is the very situation in which Ronnie Cahill finds himself. Alone and scared, he takes refuge in a seedy motel, with death in hot pursuit. ...

  • The Fray


    What is the fray? It is the point at which something becomes disheveled, or chaotic. When what we know, or what we thought we knew, is shattered. Set amid the natural beauty of Alaska’s coastal rain forest, the Fray tells a chilling tale of ancient ...

  • Mummy's Little Angel


    Joanne didn’t believe that her life could become worse than it already was. She had lost everybody and everything she had loved. Surely she had suffered enough? The press had called Joanne’s identical twins psychopaths. Her Maggie. Her Annie. But ...

  • Heartless


    "In this imperfect world, there is no living. It's surviving. And I can't help wonder when those of whom I love will die. I don't want to see that day." Alex is a teenage girl just trying to survive in the world. What's new, right? Zombies, ...

  • Decline


    A whirlpool of crows Swirls above, justifying Our murderousness The world is a quiet place now. The streets are choked with dust and the ruins of civilization; the horizon is bleak in every direction. There are only a few survivors left. ...