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    • Spirit

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Awakening The Genie Within
A Journey of Self-Discovery to Fulfill Human Purpose and Potential
by Bill Carpenter

Are your feelings, thoughts and beliefs created mainly by intuition and the subconscious mind? Or are they a product of your intellect and cultural/social programming? The former supports and enhances the natural flow of your life energy; while the latter can shape, direct or even block it. In Awakening the Genie Within author Bill Carpenter deliberately invokes the word “programming” to convey how a lack of conscious involvement in your own life and fixed belief systems prevent you from fully embracing your inner “genie,” the life force or spirit within you. The book’s purpose is to help you understand and transcend your individual and collective programming (ego and culture) and help you to live a more fulfilled and sustainable life. If the mind is powerful enough to create the ego, it can also transcend it, Carpenter believes. The exercises in this book are designed to do just that. This practical and provocative guidebook poses tough questions to help you and your groups and organizations analyze your worldviews, which can cause dissent among individuals and even outright oppression on a global scale. The goal is to help you understand and challenge your tightly held belief systems that tend to divide us. We have far more in common than that which the ego focuses on to separate us. Carpenter is your engaging guide on this journey of self-discovery for the betterment of yourself and the future of our world. We must resist the lure to be mindless drones of the collective.

"Bill Carpenter writes this book as a life-long journey of lived experience. It is an intimate picture over mountain peaks and deep valleys as he personally awakens the genie within himself and invites you to accompany him to do the same. His lessons learned teach us to break free of the constraints of our ego and its personal perspectives focussed on self absorption to see the world beyond. Most importantly, it frees us to live our lives beyond ego as we become part of the extended human family of global citizens we are urgently called on to become. At a time when the standards of human behaviour widely expressed by the media are reaching a new low, Bill sets out the high order values he learned along the way by raising our level of awareness to behaviours of respect, dignity, integrity, concern for the environment and the plight of others. Our goal, he says, is to expand our perception of our world and see it in a new light, thus finding the purpose and meaning of our own life, and so connecting deeply with ourselves and others at the level of spirit and joy. Reading the book, one enters the lived consciousness of an earnest, informed, intelligent adult pushing his own boundaries to transcend the real issues of a life lived in our times. It is rich with the detail of his own lived experience, as well as the larger issues, local and global we face on a daily basis. Bill emerges hopeful that our better angels will prevail, because there is goodness in all of us and because we are naturally built to be nurturing and caring. This book is original in what it seeks to create. It is a personal workshop on transcending the limitations of a life restrained by our own concerns to be open to the perspective of others, and to the world, its people, its cultures, and its ideas. It is a slow journey. You are meant to take your time to use the worksheets provided, led by a guide, wise in the ways of the world, reaching for goodness. This book is not one course meant only for one individual. It is also set up for organizations. It is a full program of education by itself. Indeed, it is a marathon leading to knowing oneself. It is truly a library full of stories and discoveries that inform, enlighten, and inspire. Bill uses his own life’s journey to teach you what he has learned. He tells story after story, describing the content, as he does, for example, with the story of Olympian Marilyn King, about her passion-powered, vision-guided, action-oriented life. Finally, this book provides a deep insightful understanding of a man searching and seeking to be his personal best, encouraging you, and if appropriate the organization you lead, to do the same for yourself. When you read this book, you will want to be his friend and to find others of like mind and heart. You will surely be a better, wiser person for taking this journey." ─Geraldine Schwartz, PhD, Co-founder Visioneers International Network "This book provides tools and a process to help you transcend your programming (ego and culture) so that you can connect with your spirit, the Genie within. It offers a trove of guidance on how to live with authenticity and empowerment individually and in organizational groups. It invites you to awaken and release your Genie and realize your potential." ─Constance Kellough, ​Publisher, Author, and Spiritual and Meditation Teacher "​Bill Carpenters book is a beautiful practical invitation to see our lives as integrated and to view organizations as a potential source of soul fuel. The way he has woven practical frameworks into the book is brilliant. This is a book that will serve humanity to uncover their real selves." ─Catherine R. Bell, Founder and Author, The Awakened Company "Awakening The Genie Within is a masterpiece. Bill has distilled his message into easily understandable language for readers of all ages. The fundamental question. “Do I like who I am?” resonates with everyone and when answered truthfully, can open endless possibilities for contentment and growth, since ‘self-love’ is the foundation for realizing our true potential. From the interpretation of the “Genie” to the insights about the Ego, he has left no stone unturned as he takes us with him on his life’s journey. I highly recommend Bill’s book if you are a truth seeker and want to get a unique perspective on our unpredictable world in the 21st century." ─​Roy Prevost, Author and Founder Cruise Ship Speaker Academy

Now retired from diverse roles such as officer in the Canadian Army, training manager at a large engineering company, and business owner, Bill Carpenter credits more than 25 years of research and almost eight decades as a student of life as the foundations that led him to write this book as a means to wake people up to the potential life offers. Carpenter also enjoys singing, recording, golfing, spending time with family and friends, and helping others. He lives in Langley, British Columbia.


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