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  • Keywords
    • Business Leadership,
    • BRAVETM model,
    • Organizational behaviour,
    • Personal growth,
    • Leadership development,
    • Self-help,
    • Career coaching

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A Journey of Self-Discovery into Leadership
by Cindy Benning

Do others think you have it all together, while inside you are struggling with the feeling that you will never be good enough? Perhaps you are thriving in some areas but really struggling in others. Do you wonder how it is possible to do so well in one aspect of life but be on a fail loop in another? While our professional and personal lives on the surface may seem separate, the emotions and negative thoughts borne of our life’s experiences and past programming may be calling the shots in both domains, preventing us from unlocking our full potential as leaders—and as human beings. Being BRAVE: A Journey of Self-Discovery into Leadership will help you discover your authentic values and show you how to live them by separating your ego from your true self. You will learn how to recognize the thoughts behind your emotions and determine what is true and what is not. You will learn how to break through the barriers holding you back from being the truest version of yourself and a leader who acts from a place of “being.” Through personal memoir, the author shares her personal and professional experiences over her thirty-year career and the twists and turns of her own journey of self-discovery that led to her developing the BRAVE™ leadership model. By applying the five core principles of BRAVE™ leadership, you can become the type of leader this world needs: one who is benevolent, respectful, authentic, vulnerable, emotionally conscious—and truly, wholly you.

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Cindy Benning, BSc, MBA, Certified Executive Coach, has spent the last thirty years of her career in leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry. For much of that time, her thriving success in her professional life starkly contrasted with the emotional suffering she endured in her personal life. Through a journey of self-discovery, renewal, and intense research about neuroleadership, ego, childhood trauma, and consciousness, she was able to shed limiting beliefs and uncover her true self. This led her to create Dragonfly Insights, her coaching and personal development company, and to develop the BRAVE™ leadership model, which helps leaders discover the essence of their being and learn to lead with authenticity and humanity. Cindy has found the serenity and strength she longed for most of her life, living on a small hobby farm in the country with her partner, at one with nature.


Cindy Benning

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