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    The Overtone Effect

    Live Your Life on a High Note! by

    When a singer or chorus achieves precisely the right tuning in the notes they sing, the intricate balance of sound frequencies creates overtones – extra notes that, while heard, are not actually being sung. Using the phenomenon of overtones as a ...

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    The Chicken Coop CEO

    Lessons in Life and Leadership by

    Chicken Coop CEO offers a unique blend of autobiography and an instructor’s manual for succeeding as a leader. Readers will trace the life of Roy Seidler and learn how he was able to overcome extreme poverty and a broken home in his youth to being ...

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    ACE the PMI-ACP®


    Truth #1: This book will make you ACE the PMI-ACP® certification exam. Truth #2: ACE the PMI-ACP® is a no-nonsense detailed approach to retain knowledge you gain, and pass the PMI-ACP® exam on the first try. Truth #3: This study guide simplifies ...

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    Doing it Right by

    Management at its best. It's common to hear of companies doing poorly, or even going out of business. Typically, you will hear that it is due to bad management. After reading this book, there will be no such thing as bad management as you will be ...

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    The Secret Sauce

    A Recipe To Lead Well And Get Exceptional Results by

    Leadership matters! Take a moment to think about the team you’ve been assigned to lead. Whether you manage two teammates or head a company of thousands, these are the people whose lives you impact in a significant way each and every day. How you ...

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    The Entrepreneur's Apprentice

    Chronicles of a Bipolar Boss by

    In the highly competitive world of free enterprise, there are four realities that simply cannot be ignored. • Every day companies must compete for market share. The only way to grow your business is to take market share away from someone else. • ...

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    Get F.I.T. Go Far!

    15 Things Leaders Absolutely Must Do to Increase Organizational Performance by

    Identify Your Organization’s Powerful Purpose, Build Solid Teams, and Boost Your Bottom Line This is not a book – it is a powerful tool that will transform your company. Herky Cutler’s approachable style, keen observations, and sixth sense for ...

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    12 Steps of Self-Leadership

    The Difference Maker's Guide to Living and Leading on Purpose by

    Self-leadership is about realizing the power and potential that is in you and everyone you meet. The world needs you now—in your imperfection and in the midst of your formative processes. You do make a difference. The important question is, “What ...

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    From Wine-Taster to Wall-Builder

    A Guide To Building Good Leadership Skills by

    The subject of leadership is not new to mankind, having been practised in one form or another over the centuries. Students of administration and leadership can frequently find various definitions and concepts of this subject. Although descriptions, ...

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    Daily Warrior

    Daily Meanderings of an Old Warrior by

    Daily Warrior is made up of 365 inspirational daily entries―one for every day of the year. Whether you are facing indecision, frustration, or adversity, Daily Warrior has something to raise you up, and remind you of your own strength and potential. ...