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Mindfulness, Spirituality, Spiritual health, Philosophy, Personal Growth, Education, Metaphor

Meta Phor
A simple and profound guide for connecting with the Universe
by Avalon Sky High Performance Training

Meta Phor is a simple and profound guide to connecting with the universe through philosophy and mindfulness. It is a teaching tool that shows how we can all be more open to the metaphors around us, and learn to see the world in a new light. The book provides readers who are interested in growing their minds with opportunity for self-reflection and self-growth. Containing easy-to-understand commentary on some of the most critical aspects of our society, it makes subtle suggestions on how we should best navigate the changes that are affecting us all.

In an overwhelming world (pandemic, war, technology, human disconnection), we all need a simple way to connect with our source and find everyday peace with our place in the Universe. This book provides that connection, and it has far-reaching applications and profound implications. Are you ready to become an agent of positive change? Are you ready to facilitate the growth of our species? Then you are ready for this book.

The Avalon Sky High Performance Training Program seeks to motivate and promote a growth mindset to both adults and youth. The mental and physical training regimes that participants work through in stages ensure the secure and gradual development of a growth mindset. They encourage everyone to embrace inner peace and connect with the Universe.

Avalon Sky High Performance Training Program staff have experience and qualifications in educational leadership, yoga instruction, and sport training and coaching. The goal of the program is to promote a growth mindset to all participants, but also to encourage participants to become agents of change as they spread a growth mindset to the world at large.


Avalon Sky High Performance Training

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