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Self-help, Spirituality, Intuition, Meditation, Mindfulness, Journaling, Self-awareness

My Intuitive Journal
A Reflective Journal of Thought-provoking prompts to Strengthen Intuitive Awareness
by Erin Knight

IN THIS AGE OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD fueled by constant stimulation and deadlines, something is always demanding our attention. It’s clear that with all the distractions it can be hard to listen to our intuition. By building a relationship with our intuition, we are able to rediscover our joy, build stronger connections and live our best life. Learning how to recognize our intuition can also help with decision making, becoming a more effective leader, and can assist in reducing stress.

My Intuitive Journal acts as a guide to help readers access their inner wisdom and trust their natural instincts. From daily affirmations and gratitude to meditation and recognizing intuitive moments, author Erin Knight provides encouraging and motivational techniques to help you deepen your intuition, attract positivity, connect with your spirituality, and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

ERIN KNIGHT IS A CERTIFIED LIFE COACH, Evidential Medium and Tarot Card Reader. As founder of Thrive Intuition and cofounder of Third Eye Mystics, Erin provides her clients with healing messages from their loved ones in Spirit and also offers intuitive guidance through her Soul to Soul sessions. In addition to reading for clients internationally, Erin also coaches others how tap into their own intuition in order to live a more purposeful life. Some programs that she offers include: Intuitive Discovery Coaching Program, Spirit Walk: A Meditative Journey, Psychic Play, and a variety of Tarot based programs. When she’s not helping her clients deepen their intuition, Erin enjoys spending time with her family. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and two children. You can connect with her on Facebook @erinknightmedium, Instagram @Erin_Knight_Thrive_Intuition or at


Erin Knight

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