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Choice, Self-help, Christian self-help, Decision-making, Christian counselling, Decision-making support, Overcoming personal challenges

Life's Driving Force
by Raymond Ngaiza

Have you ever felt like life is getting away from you? We all know what it is to sometimes feel like mere passengers along for the ride, victims of circumstances outside of our control. In this striking work of self-help literature, author Raymond Ngaiza takes up arms against this familiar feeling, showing the myriad ways we determine the course of our lives through the choices we make, whether they be personal or professional, big or small.

Inspired by his own experiences of career and lifestyle changes in leaving his training for priesthood, going back to school, taking up writing, and becoming a husband and father, Ngaiza draws on a fascinating array of religious and secular texts—as well as politics, pop culture, and his own life—to show us how we can make the difference in our lives and in the world.

Careful to examine all sorts of important dynamics that may come into play in decision-making—from being met with a lack of choice or its overwhelming abundance to the methods by which we actually execute our decisions, to the issues that may follow our choice-making, such as proverbial buyer’s remorse—Choice is a powerful wake-up call to readers everywhere, reminding us that we can and should become masters of our destinies.

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Raymond Ngaiza is a writer, scholar, and father who is originally from Tanzania. He is also the co-author of Jackson Otto Mosha, SJ: A life of love, hope, and faith (Paulines Publications Africa). No stranger to change, he has been faced with countless major decisions over the course of his personal, professional, and religious lives. He is keen on sharing his wide-ranging knowledge acquired through his university studies in philosophy, theology, law, and education. Apart from his native country, he has lived in Zimbabwe, the UK, and Canada. With this considerable life experience behind him, Ngaiza was inspired to write this book on the powerful role that choice can play in our lives.

He currently lives in Quebec City, Canada, with his wife, Marie Chantal, and three of their daughters: Béatrice, Emily, and Theofilda.


Raymond Ngaiza

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