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  • Community in the Face of Tragedy

    Eleanor's House by

    A short, concise, yet powerfully inspirational book, Community in the Face of Tragedy: Eleanor’s House takes readers on a journey of humanitarian care and practical living out of the gospel. In a world that can seem overwhelmingly unkind at times, ...

  • My Delightfully Dysfunctional Family

    (And Me) by

    THIS BOOK I S RIDICULOUS! IT IS A FUNNY, EMOTIONAL, AND INSPIRING STORY ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS, OLD, NEW, AND ALL –INCLUSIVE. The title, “My Delightfully Dysfunctional Family,” got stuck inside my head and refused to go away, so I decided ...

  • On the Sunny Side

    A Collection of Short, Uplifting Articles from a Christian Perspective by

    Have you ever been discouraged? Has life in general left you down in the dumps? My experiences as a teacher, principal, pastor, husband, father of five, grandfather of twelve and volunteer worker in several overseas countries have convinced me of ...

  • God and Green Tea


    In her memoir, God and Green Tea, Canadian minister and former nurse Marilyn-Ann Elphick shares spiritual practices that have helped her flourish in the face of challenges throughout her life. Elphick’s recollections reveal the importance of ...

  • Home Together

    Student Ministry at the Menno Simons Centre by

    Emerging adults today feel homeless and alone. How can the church share the good news of a God who offers home and togetherness? Home Together gives a compelling account of a Christian student residence that has shared this good news by engaging ...

  • Questions to God, Volume 3

    My Sheep Hear My Voice by

    “Questions to God” is written in four volumes: Volume 1. The Mystery of Life after Death Volume 2. The Actual Doctrine of King Jesus Volume 3. My sheep hear my voice Volume 4. Messed Up Families Questions to God: Volume 3 - My sheep hear my voice - ...

  • Faith (RE)Construction

    31 Day Journey Deconstructing Your Faith Without Losing It by

    Real people don’t want a boxed up ‘meal deal’ of churchianity; THEY WANT REAL! Breaking out of the status quo, these inspirational morning thoughts take you on a journey of REAL life and show how faith plays a vital part in that journey. These ...

  • You Are a 10 According to Jesus


    From the very beginning, God created and equipped us to be in His presence. We were His final and most prized of all creation He spoke into existence. Many times, we have failed to realize this position and the importance He placed on us. This ...

  • Death of a Sorcerer


    This is one man's supernatural experience with the dark spiritual world. It documents Martin Decker's experience with the forces of light, how and why he became a sorcerer, and his struggle for redemption.

  • Reflections For A Thirsty Soul


    We live in a fast-paced and frenzy-driven world. Go, go, go seems to be the order of the day. What do you do when life wears you down? Is your soul crying out for relief because the daily grind has left you so exhausted? "Is this all there is to ...