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  • Thoughtful Adaptations to Change

    Authentic Christian Faith in Postmodern Times by

    Western culture has changed radically in the last fifty years. Death seems less dreadful, sexuality less sacred, and humanity less dignified. Reason has yielded to passion, and science often to personal opinion. Philosophically and culturally, the ...

  • Untangling Tangleville

    Stepping Out! Just as Any Town Can by

    In our modern age, Christianity and secularism have increasingly become estranged. As Christian denominations individually attempt to promote the survival of moral and ethical standards of the past, it seems David is facing the giant Goliath . . . ...

  • The Journey

    Lead Me On by

    There are many challenges to becoming the person God desires us to be. Everywhere we look, Christians are suffering from the same problems as the rest of the world: divorce, financial issues, confusion, and stress. Something is amiss and it’s time ...

  • Living In Dominion

    A Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Life by

    God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth and everything in it, not only to command but to nurture as well. Living in Dominion challenges and inspires us to expand on that dominion, turning it inward to nurture our own physical, emotional, ...

  • The God Who is Real

    Tested and proven through more than 55 years of real life experiences. by

    Humorous and conversational, while at the same time theological and practical, The God Who Is Real poignantly addresses the most compelling question of human history: Does a personal, caring God exist? The author answers this through a series of ...

  • Questions: Volume 1

    The Mystery of Life after Death by

    "Questions to God" is written in four volumes: Volume 1. The Mystery of Life after Death Volume 2. The Doctrine of Christ. Volume 3. Communicating with God Volume 4. Family Life ____________ Questions: Volume One The Mystery of Life after ...

  • Pearls in the Grass


    There are truly pearls in this memoir, treasuries of generosity in spirit, courage and humor. I have known Cinder Warren for many years and in many circumstances. I am filled with wonder and astonishment by the way she faces life's challenges and ...

  • Christian Numerology Secrets


    A must read for people on or off the fence about Religion This Numerology Ebook Proves Jesus God and Heaven Exist And also shows you Proof for the Meaning of Life. You also get A blueprint to fill out to see how you fit into this world of ...

  • Sacred Secret

    Take Eat: This is My Body... by

    IN POWER―THE TABLE WAS SET IN PASSION―THE UNPRECEDENTED SACRIFICIAL VICTIM BECAME THE MEAL POWERFULLY PASSIONATE & PASSIONATELY POWERFUL Sacred Secret is a humble attempt to show the great power and hidden treasures of a meal of incredible ...