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  • Infinite Grace


    "Most of the photos I take are in natural light. I like to be able to allow the viewer to see the subject matter the way it was seen at the time it was photographed. I use very minimal adjustments (if any - usually none) through software and try to ...

  • The Integrity of the Salt

    Transforming, Healing, Seasoning, Purifying, Preserving and Changing the world for Christ. by

    The Integrity of the Salt brings clarity to mankind as it defines who we are in Christ. It shines light on our Christian’s integrity and character which is Christ’s reflection through us. It reminds us that Christ’s integrity and character is the ...

  • Re-Designing Your Life

    A Practical Spirituality for the Second Half of Life by

    Re-Designing Your Life: A Practical Spirituality for the Second Half of Life is a timely and engaging book for living out the second half of your life with spiritual integrity. In this study you are invited to think about your life as a house ...

  • The Girl from No. 6

    Based on a True Story by

    In the late 1920s, Stalin was determined to turn Russia into a “Soviet Paradise”. For thousands of Russian Mennonites that meant exorbitant taxes, arrest, forced labour, losing their farms and businesses, and even losing their lives. With their ...

  • Dying to Live


    Dying to live is a simple book of eulogies preached in an urban church of humble Christians who lived extraordinary lives. These eulogies celebrate the life of the deceased, comfort the bereaved and affirm eternal life.

  • I Know What Prayer Can Do


    Believe Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? I have. How did you triumph? I will tell you how I overcame; I learned to pray. God does hear and answer prayers. This book focuses majorly on the power of prayer and taking God’s ...

  • The Miracle


    Devine wisdom can only be found by seeking the hand of the Father and it is in those closest moments that He reveals the secrets of His heart. To become a friend of the Holy One is the greatest Miracle ever known. Jude 2 Mercy unto you, and peace, ...

  • Gospel Music: An African American Art Form


    This book is designed for the general reader of gospel music, as well as those who incorporate gospel into their lesson plans on the academic level. “Gospel Music: An African American Art Form” provides music information on the heritage of gospel ...

  • Come, Walk With Me

    A Life Lived With Joy by

    This writing began as a light, retrospective narration walking through remembrances common to many who grew up in prairie farming communities in the last seventy years. The walk continued through life’s experiences which were, in turn, challenging ...

  • The Simple Road to Heaven


    Though most people know of God many know little about Him. Faithful followers of God believe in salvation and eternal life while nonbelievers deem God as a myth, a product of believer’s overactive imaginations. Don West walks the reader in “The ...