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Monarch butterflies, Butterfly life cycle, Caterpillars, Butterfly habitat, Protecting nature, Chrysalis, Environmentalism

The Missing Toe
The Story of an Adventurous Caterpillar and His Friends
by Ellen Dalzell

Tik, Tak, and Toe are excited to turn into monarch butterflies! But these little caterpillars have a long way to go before that happens. The milkweed leaves they eat are filled with other insects that want to eat them, so they’re grateful when a nice lady takes them home and puts them in a safe habitat. Everything is going great until Toe sneaks out of the habitat and disappears! Will he be found before he turns into a butterfly?

The Missing Toe takes readers on an exciting journey through the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. Fun, entertaining, and educational, this adorable book will get young readers excited about nature preservation.

Be like a beautiful butterfly

And enjoy life's many changes

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Ellen Dalzell is a retired elementary school teacher who is passionate about helping children learn. She enjoys working in her garden where she grows tomatoes to share with her neighbors and flowers for the butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. She successfully rescued and raised 57 monarch caterpillars in 2021 and hopes to continue this work in the coming years. Ellen lives in Glasgow, Missouri, with her two rescue dogs, Luke and Lola.


Ellen Dalzell
Penny Brown

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