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  • The Little Tree That Grew with Grace


    THE LITTLE TREE THAT GREW WITH GRACE is a children’s story book. The target audience is children from ages four to ten or so. It is most suitable for children living in areas that have four seasons, although any child would enjoy reading or having ...

  • My Banana Tree


    As fast as her little legs would carry her, she ran outside to the back yard. Awaiting her arrival, was a magical sight! "IT IS a magical day!" she joyously exclaimed! Before her, stood a little tree growing out of the soil where she and her mother ...

  • Sprout


    Sprout, a baby sunflower seed, takes an exciting journey as he develops into a full-grown sunflower. Along the way, he encounters challenges that test his courage, and he learns to face the uncertainties that come with growth. Often he finds himself ...

  • When I Am Quiet


    For a moment... Wherever you are, just breathe... With each slow breath, allow yourself to settle, to relax, to just be who you are in this moment. Find the quietness, the calm that is here, underneath it all. You can even let your eyes gently ...

  • Runaway Rodents

    The Untold Story of Toronto’s Infamous Capybaras by

    Two capybaras are delivered to the Toronto High Park Zoo. When an opportunity to escape comes up, they take it! This sets off a frenzy across the city, with some Torontonians cheering the renegades on, and others plotting their downfall. Follow the ...

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?


    As Mary tends her garden, she anxiously asks her mother about the weeds creeping into in her beautiful garden. Should she worry? Her mother reveals the hidden beauty of these pesky intruders. Weeds are naturally occurring plants with a rich history ...

  • Macgregor and the Sea Turtles


    Macgregor and the Sea Turtles tells the tale of a little boy, his trusty red dump truck and his gray and white feathered seagull friend, Oliver. As they trek along the beach one foggy morning, just as the sun is beginning to break through, they ...

  • I Saw Love Dancing


    I Saw Love Dancing is about experiencing love in everyday moments, borne from a journey of growth and healing. The illustrations depict moments between a mother and child, set among British Columbia's beautiful lakes and valleys. Big ideas are ...

  • Who's Mostly Scared?


    It's the tiny creatures that seem most scary to a little girl named Maddi. But it's the biggest ones who help her overcome her fears.

  • Papa’s Beach


    Join Macey as she goes to go visit her Papa’s beach near Powell River on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast where she gets to indulge her love for counting. There is much to count, as Macey starts the day at the breakfast table before heading off on ...