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  • Tillsonbugger Adventures

    The Swarm that Swarmed by

    Join twins Vivian and Fil, along with best friend Tia, on their first day of summer break. What happens when they discover runaway bees? See how the threesome get into mischief, not save the day, and learn a few sticky lessons along the way.

  • Bee-Have


    Jimmy's dad and Sally warn him about how a bee will sting him and not to disturb the hive. For not listening to the warnings, he received a shocking surprise. The book is delightfully entertaining with a sense of humour and lesson to be taught. It ...

  • My Aunt's Ant's Aunt


    A fun and magical story of a young girl staying at her favourite aunt's house. The first night, in the enchanted attic, she meets the aunt of an ant who is missing, and helps to reunite them. It has wonderful flow, humour and poetry, and teaches ...

  • Mister Robin and the Magical Discovery


    Out one morning for a leisurely stroll, Mister Robin encounters little Camille, the tiny wood fairy princess. She is crying softly to herself. He soon discovers the reason for her distress. Her wings are too big and drag on the ground so she is ...

  • Ladybug Junction


    A wave of terror ran through Mayor Essenfeld as he received the news that the crows were on a rampage. Their goal was to destroy all the tiny insect villages within the Evergreen Wood. The mayor was frantically trying to consider his options when ...

  • Queen Bee


    It’s not easy being different – especially when you are one of thousands in a hive. Manuka knows as a worker bee, she’s only supposed to do her job and not ask questions. But her head is so full of ideas that could improve life in the hive that ...

  • Ippy the Centipede


    Read along and sing along with Ippy the Centipede to see all that he needs to be a happy little bug! Ippy will delight babies, preschool children and early readers as they discover the treasures that bring joy to childhood.

  • A Family for Miya


    A spider a hero? Can it really happen? This story tells of an unlikely hero, a spider, that helps a lovable and mischievous puppy out of a tough spot. Learn how working together and not giving up is one of life's important lessons that can have ...

  • Bugs Don't Bug Matty


    Watching bugs with a magnifying glass is really cool because they look like scary alien creatures when you see them up close. Each one is different, and they all have special super hero powers.

  • My Keyboard was Hi~Jacked!


    Mammy is a writer who writes stories from The Heart of the BottomsUp 2/3 Acre. One morning she goes to her desk to write one of those stories. Can you imagine the horrific surprise she found waiting for her on top of her keyboard? Mammy’s entire ...