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  • The Missing Toe

    The Story of an Adventurous Caterpillar and His Friends by

    Tik, Tak, and Toe are excited to turn into monarch butterflies! But these little caterpillars have a long way to go before that happens. The milkweed leaves they eat are filled with other insects that want to eat them, so they’re grateful when a ...

  • How the Butterfly Got Her Colours


    In a nearby forest, there lives a butterfly with bright white wings. While those around her think she is beautiful, the butterfly does not feel beautiful. All day she admires the colours of the flowers, the grass, and the other animals, longing to ...

  • ELPHA! Happy To Be Me!


    A delightful book with colorful illustrations, poetic humor, enlightening scenarios and an adorable baby elephant named ELPHA. ELPHA! Happy To Be Me, finds ELPHA dreaming to be a butterfly. ELPHA invites children into her world of dreams, ...

  • Why Am I A Caterpillar?


    This is the story of a caterpillar who is in a rush to evolve into a butterfly. The young caterpillar is anxious to grow up and be like his parents but lacks the wisdom to realize just how enjoyable it is to be young. His father hopes to lend ...

  • The Butterfly Trap


    Luki is a willful little girl who wants to prove her mother wrong! Discover how she learns what’s best, in this funny, whimsical story about freedom, captivity and learning one of life’s big lessons. This book is perfect for children of all ages; ...

  • Casey's Adventure


    Casey is a young caterpillar who loves his leafy home in the forest. One day, he decides he’s ready for an adventure and climbs down to explore the forest floor. Along the way, he encounters many different animals and insects. One morning, a strange ...

  • The Butterfly Girl


    Missy is really excited to start second grade. While enjoying the first day’s walk to school, a lovely butterfly suddenly swoops down and lands upon her hair-bow. She shoos him off, but he comes back to circle around several times. Every day after ...