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Hong Kong, Immigrating to Canada, Growing up in Hong Kong, Chinese Concubines, Moving from China to Canada, Chinese-Canada culture shock, Concubine families

Life of A Concubine's Granddaughter
A Baby Boomer's Story
by Marie F. Chung

“Like a cat, I feel that I have lived through many lives—none of them sheltered. I’ve never had it

easy, but then, I am not one to take the easy way out and I do not give up too easily. Actually, I

have had more than my fair share of living, and what I have been through is not for the faint of

heart. I am one of those who thrive in adverse conditions; it is then I unleash my built-in


Marie Chung is the granddaughter of a concubine. She grew up in Hong Kong until she was a

young adult and immigrated to Canada. Her fascinating story follows her travels throughout

Canada, the tragedies and adversities she endured, and the triumphs and memories she


Life of the Concubine’s Granddaughter is an intimate, captivating memoir that recounts a

remarkable life and shows us what strength, resilience, courage, and a positive outlook on life

can really do.

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A baby boomer born in Hong Kong, Marie Chung has lived in Canada for more than fifty years

and currently resides in Toronto. Life of the Concubine’s Granddaughter is her first book.


Marie F. Chung

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