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  • Indomitable Canadian Filipinos


    In the 70- year history of Filipino migration to Canada, their number has increased from 770 in 1964 to about a million in 2021. Yet no book has been written and published in Canada about the Filipino community in its entirety. This book fills that ...

  • Beyond Tribal

    Reflections on Belonging by

    Like most immigrants, Anne Carr and her husband, Geoffrey, adjusted their world view when they emigrated from Britain to Canada in the 1960s. The differences they found in their new country took them out of their comfort zone and made them question ...

  • Mirrors & Reflections

    Knowing Your Power: From One Muslim Immigrant Sister to Another by

    This guidebook peeks into the lives of Muslim immigrant women in Canada from around the world. The book begins with a land acknowledgement in an immigrant style where we recognize the stolen land that is being forced to share. It mentions some ...

  • Life of A Concubine's Granddaughter

    A Baby Boomer's Story by

    “Like a cat, I feel that I have lived through many lives—none of them sheltered. I’ve never had it easy, but then, I am not one to take the easy way out and I do not give up too easily. Actually, I have had more than my fair share of living, and ...

  • Sehnsucht: The Story of Grisch.

    A Life in Letters by

    In my early years, I felt sadness in my Grandpa Grisch; it seemed to cling to him. What feelings could not do, however, was give me greater understanding into his inner world. Unknown to me, family had stored close to one hundred letters for over ...

  • Who Stole Mother's Soul?


    Uprooting your life is hard, especially when turmoil surrounds you. When your choices are not your own, and your family fails to protect you, you are alone with only your thoughts to guide you. Upon hearing of her mother's passing, while living in ...

  • Catharina

    Black & White & Very Little Gray by

    The arduous journey of a Dutch - American, from childhood in Nazi occupied Holland, to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the USA.

  • The Morizo Story

    The life story of an immigrant from Hiroshima, Japan who came to the United States at the age of 15 by

    An Incredible Story of Survival and Success for a Young Man Chasing the American Dream This is a fascinating biography of Morizo Fujimoto, a Japanese American Issei (first generation), lovingly written by his eldest son, Dr. Jack Fujimoto. It ...

  • Nation Builders and Enemy Aliens

    Four Centuries of German Experience in Canada by

    Today German Canadians are among Canada’s most assimilated citizens, often distinguishable from other Canadians by their name only. For centuries their pioneer farmers, economic developers, industrialists, professionals, musicians, artists, ...

  • Immigrants' Journeys

    Africans Making Canada Home by

    Imagine walking one-thousand kilometres to cross the border from war-torn South Sudan into Ethiopia, eventually seeking asylum in Canada. Or moving from Ghana to Quebec as a child, not speaking English or French, and being one of the few Black ...