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Hunting & fishing, Travel fishing, Hunting & travel, Wilderness adventure, Ontario wilderness, Nature travel, Natural world

Memories - Short Stories of the Outdoors
by Bill Keller

Memories — Short Stories of the Outdoors is a diverse collection of real-life tales by a passionate outdoorsman. There are so many wonderful ways to experience nature. Paddling, fishing, hunting, skiing, traveling, or simply being outdoors doing not much at all, are just some of them. These stories provide inspiration for getting out and enjoying the wonders that the natural world has to offer.

This book is a tribute to wild things and wild places.

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Wendelin (Bill) Keller is a freshwater biologist who has studied lakes and rivers across northern Ontario, Canada, for over fifty years. Much of that work was done in the far north, the vast, wild part of Ontario that starts where the allseason roads stop and extends up to the shores of Hudson Bay and James Bay.

Bill is a senior research fellow and an adjunct professor at Laurentian University. He has authored or co-authored well over a hundred papers in scientific journals and ten chapters in science books. He is also a freelance writer and has published dozens of articles in outdoor magazines. When not working in nature, Bill has usually been out playing in it, enjoying one outdoor activity or another. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, with his wife, Wendy.


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