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Free verse, Love poetry, Emotions, Loss, Healing, Informal, Canadian

Heart Maze
by Julie Lanoue

i'll take you on a journey

the journey to my heart

let's explore this maze

where most roads are broken down

together we will find the exit

together we will start to heal

Heart Maze is a collection of free-verse poetry that takes the reader on a journey through love, loss, heartbreak, loneliness, and healing. The poems are sectioned into different paths through the maze: discovering love, losing yourself in it, the heartbreak of a relationship ending, loneliness after the fact, and finally healing from the loss.

This book is a safe place to embrace and heal everything that has been weighing on your heart.

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Julie Lanoue is a Canadian fashion designer who is presently starting her own sustainable women's lingerie brand. Never one to be scared to take on a new challenge, she loves all kinds of art: music, theatre, painting, dance, and photography, among others. Lanoue has always been a very emotional person, and loves to read books of all kinds. Since she discovered poetry, a new world has opened in front of her. After struggling with many emotions stemming from past relationships, she began writing poetry as a form of therapy. That was when Heart Maze was born.

Find her online @julielanoue_


Julie Lanoue

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