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  • The Primrose Path


    The Primrose Path is a near autobiography of hope, love, heartbreak, and the way life calls for acceptance of others’ choices if advancements are to be made. Aimed at the population of young folks negotiating the balance of challenge and pleasure in ...

  • I Was Always the Sun


    I Was Always the Sun is a coming of age story in the form of poetry. It's about love, the trials and stages of relationships. Connections that end to start a new beginning. It's about growing up and learning to love oneself. To love when it's going ...

  • Out Of The Storm

    On My Own by

    On My Own is a collection of personal poems that explore the experience of shifting into a solitary life—and not by choice. After the devastating end of her thirty-four-year marriage, author Deborah Russell worked to adjust to a new chapter on her ...

  • Jaime's Inspirations

    Poems from the Heart and Mind by

    I kept your love inside me, like a dove that wanted free At different moments in our lives, we all experience feelings of intense emotions. We all find our own ways of handling good times and bad, and the consequences they bring. But we can ...

  • Book One: Sporadic Memories


    Sporadic Memories is a novel about a lifestyle that needs to be read about. Within the first few pages you will realize there has been a loss, it is not sad though; the narrator expresses with great enthusiasm the life they lived, which makes it ...


    Poems by by

    EYE LOVE YOU examines the human condition as a series of experiences that we all share, like love, loss, friendship, relationships, children, parents, family, pain, rage, kindness, generosity, attention, dedication, service and hard work. The ...

  • Inshallah

    #instapoetry by

    Inshallah claims its place amongst social media poetry and Instagram sensations like Rupi Kaur. These poems are like perfect cups and inside each is something essential. Personal, observational, and confessional, Inshallah carries themes of ...

  • My Three Sided Story


    My Three-Sided Story tells of the potency of new love, the destruction of heartbreak, and the recovery and renewal afterwards. These poems explore what it feels like to surrender to love—the excitement, the vulnerability, the longing—and how a ...

  • Life Of The Mind


    I invite you into my world of living poetry. The first time my pencil spoke on paper was in 1987, and over a lifespan of thirty years, my poems have progressed. They come from deep within my life experiences and the challenges of life itself, ...

  • Fire & Whiskey


    for four seasons i endured it twelve months where it was all i knew a year of burning aching drinking and hurting of fire and whiskey; and now i give what's left to you