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  • Now, My Perspective


    Now, My Perspective is a book of poems about the Black experience, femininity, religion, belonging, and self-realization. The book is divided into three chapters, each of which documents a different phase of understanding about what it means to be ...

  • Quartette

    Living through loss and learning through love; poetry for the soul by

    The Millennial generation is opening up. They’re talking and reading about their feelings, and books like Quartette make it clear: you’re not alone—your feelings are valid and important, and they are yours to experience. Whatever your faith, race, ...

  • Soul Healing

    Poetry by a Nurse by

    Wouldn’t you like to know what a nurse thinks about death, grief, and loss? Wouldn’t you like to know how a nurse finds inspiration while dealing with, for instance, the death of a loved one by suicide? Poetry and nursing are not two words that one ...

  • Always Hungry and Perpetually Blue


    Another page in another paper on another day on another train A raw, witty, and longing self-exploration amid a transformational love-affair with New York City, Andersson’s late night train rides are the heartbeat to her raw, conversational poetry. ...

  • Bearing Fruit


    One line or two? With this simple question, Tyneisha Ternent begins her collection of poems charting her first pregnancy's emotional and physical roller coaster ride. Between the moment of realization and birth are three trimesters and their ...

  • Love Letters to Lucy


    “Write about us,” you said, “and call it Love Letters to Lucy.” Is love worth fighting for, and to what end? Love Letters to Lucy is a generous record of a relationship—coming out, self-identity, long-distance yearning, love letters, and ...

  • Come In… The Door Is Open

    Poems and Short Stories by

    COME IN… THE DOOR IS OPEN Tendrils of my soul stretch out to you in every poem and short story. Love, humor, pathos, beauty, and nuggets of wisdom wait to touch your soul. Allow the light within a poem or short story to illuminate an unexpected ...

  • Haven

    An Anthology of Love & Loss by

    I build a haven away from the pain I live in silence away from the hurt Dark forms reach for me I lie I cry for safe prayers away from my sickness Positivity falls from me I wonder I die for desire of love away from being alone But I live - J.S.

  • Alpha Female Chronicles

    A Poetry Collection by

    What woman hasn’t navigated the waters of self-discovery, while trying to manage her relationships, climb the corporate ladder, and maintain a spiritual practice? Written for strong women, by a strong woman, Alpha Female Chronicles is an extension ...

  • Rhythm of Darkness


    Blinded by the darkness, feeling as though life could not get any worse? It can always be worse. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Take the time to imagine; to feel what they have felt when their lives took a terrible turn. Open up your soul to ...