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Twenty Two for 22 cover

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    • 978-1-03-913631-1
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    • 978-1-03-913629-8
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
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    • 150 pages
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    • 978-1-03-913630-4
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
    • Standard Color interior
    • 150 pages
  • Keywords
    • Societal expectations versus individual freedoms,
    • Bravely facing adversity,
    • Vulnerability,
    • Living in Toronto,
    • Travel,
    • Natural disasters,
    • Ancient cities

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Twenty Two for 22
by Purabi Sinha Das

In these uncertain, tumultuous times, our collective vulnerability has been heightened, and positivity has become a precious commodity. More than ever, people are looking for hope and inspiration, and a little magic. Twenty-Two for 22—a collection of 22 literary pieces for 2022—delivers. From India to Egypt and back, these meticulously crafted stories, poems, and travel vignettes bring together disparate lives as varied, colourful, and magical as the places that created them—a plantation, an archeological site in Peru, a post-earthquake neighbourhood in Portugal. Love and betrayal, fear and joy, forgiveness and blessing—each person and place is evocative of the whole of humanity: A poor sweeper woman makes a decision with a startling result. A homeless man in a car accident makes the ultimate gift to the other victim. A memory keeper must pay the price for his avarice. Desert ancients bow to the wisdom of a fourteen-year-old runaway. A room in a faraway land steps back into the pages of history. Such is the fusion of life. Twenty-Two for 22 will be of interest to readers—aged 18 years and older—looking for new writing about new cultures. People who value freedom of self over familial and (or) societal expectations may particularly find themselves reflected in these stories, poems, and travel vignettes.

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PURABI SINHA DAS is a writer of literary fiction, poetry, and personal essays. A member of Writer’s Community of Durham Region and Canadian Authors Association, Purabi believes that to write what she loves brings her one step closer to building her personal legacy and passion: to bring joy to people through her stories, poems, and vignettes—infused with a glimmer of magical realism. In her first book, What Will It Be This Time, a collection of personal essays, while time travelling to those years lived in her birth country, Purabi sheds light on an immigrant’s life as it unfolds in a new country that can be daunting, yet exhilarating. Her debut novel, Moonlight—The Journey Begins, is a story about female courage and the determination to live with dignity, even when the odds stacked against her are impossibly high. In her new book, Twenty-Two for 22, Purabi speaks openly and eloquently of transcending life’s hardships. Her three chosen genres—Stories, Poetry, Magical Travel Vignettes—are connected by the idea of family, relationships, creation, and humankind’s neglect of her—planet Earth. But, for the author, in the face of adversity there is always hope, and life is a perpetual journey toward joy. Born, raised, and educated in India, Purabi obtained her honours BA in English Literature from Ranchi University. She currently resides in Pickering, ON Canada with her husband. Connect with Purabi —


Purabi Sinha Das

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