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Pause, Rewind, Play
Old Rules For A New World
by Rocco Manfredi

How can we live a meaningful life? What secret wisdom hides in past generations’ triumphs? And, most importantly, how can we embrace old rules for success in this modern world?

Drawing on the legacy of his resilient Italian family and his own life experiences, Rocco Manfredi offers light-hearted, anecdotal, and conversational comfort and wisdom. A personal self-help book, Pause, Rewind, Play: Old Rules for a New World offers advice and insights structured around timeless guidelines, such as: lead by example, remember your roots, cherish your relationships, persevere to find your place in life, find strength in tragedies, and harmonize your wants and needs.

This book draws on the charming and resilient values of generations before, revitalizes age-old wisdom, and encourages readers to discover crucial principles for meaningful success.

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Rocco Manfredi is the son and grandson of determined Italians who immigrated to Canada after World War II.

He has worked in the real estate industry for over thirty-five years, and has sat at many tables with families through good times and bad times. He’s learned the power of perspective, and loves to motivate and encourage people to find their own strengths in life.

Pause, Rewind, Play: Old Rules for a New World is his first book. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with his family—his twin girls, and his wife Karen of nearly twenty years.


Rocco Manfredi

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