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Poetry, Short poems, Love poems, Erotic poetry, Wordplay, Spoken word, Sex and food

by Adonis Mendoza

Seven colours—beige, yellow, teal, purple, blue, red, and grey—brighten the composition of a young man’s life, and characterize its various phases. In COLOURS, “the conflict is romantic,” “the brain is endless,” and “love is alive.” Playful, quirky, synaesthetic, and surreal, Adonis Mendoza’s poems melt together food and sex, beauty and filth, social concerns and reckless abandon, and life’s persistent seasons. COLOURS asks readers to dance, to play, and then taste the broth of certainty.

Adonis Mendoza is a writer and a chef based in Toronto Canada. He does his best writing on train rides, restaurant patios, soft beds, and benches of all kinds. When he is not writing or creating art, he is playing basketball with the locals, skating down hills, cooking dumplings, or grabbing a meal with his fiancée. It is these experiences that inspire him to write poetry, and push him to share his passion with the world. Adonis loves to dive deep into the faculties of his own mind; in doing so, he hopes to accumulate unique and beautiful writings throughout his lifetime.


Adonis Mendoza

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