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Funny, Rhyming stories, Silly, Toddlers, Revolution, Change, Naps

by Trever John Morris

Penelope just turned three years old, and she’s started to think about her life. It’s passing by so fast, and what has she really done with it so far? Penelope decides she isn’t going to let life just happen to her! It’s time to take matters into her own hands. She’s going to do more. She’s going to make real changes. Down with child-safe lids! Up with candy!

There’s just one thing that might get in the way of Penelope’s radical change…and that’s nap time.

This delightful rhyming book is sure to entertain readers old and young as they join Penelope on her great adventure into the world of being three years old. It’s about children for children, and full of the great laughs, funny situations, and one very clever girl!

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Trever John Morris has been writing as a hobby for his entire life, and is the author of The Boy Who Wandered Off. He wrote Penelope, his second book, for his daughter—also named Penelope. Morris loves reading and listening to audiobooks, finding a good series on Netflix, and taking part in outdoor activities like hiking and running. He’s a social man, enjoying the company of friends and family as much as the quieter company of a good book.

Morris lives in Smithers, B.C., with his wife and three kids.


Trever John Morris
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