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  • Where Shall We Go Today?


    Imagine new adventures! Take young explorers on an imaginary journey to places all over the world and beyond. Ski down a snowy mountain, scuba dive in the ocean, race dune buggies in a desert, and explore a jungle full of playful monkeys. Build a ...

  • The Enchanted Forest


    Join Aria the dragon and Sapphire the butterfly as they travel through the Enchanted Forest. They will need your help when they lose their way coming back from the Forest of Sparkles, when they want to say hi to their friend Finn the fish, and when ...

  • Macgregor


    Macgregor is based on a true summer happening and tells the tale of a little boy, his trusty red dump truck and their gray and white feathered seagull friend. The wondrous day begins when they find that a baby blue shark has been left stranded on ...

  • Plungermania!


    Never have the words 'plunger' and 'source of endless amusement' been used together. ...until now! Enter, the enthralling world of the plunger as more than just a household object, and witness the innocence and the mischief! Get ready to have a ...

  • One Hundred Thousand Some-Things


    Some-Things are all around us—hiding in our walls, beds, and underwear drawers, waiting to come out and throw a huge party! When Sebastian comes home to find his bedroom full of some One Hundred Thousand Some-Things, he demands they leave—but these ...

  • I Heard a Noise

    ( our backyard) by

    When a loud noise in the night awakens two children, it starts them on a late-night adventure! At first, they think the noise is coming from inside their home, but they soon discover that it originates in their back yard. To their delight, the noise ...

  • Sophie's Magic Backpack


    Sophie loves her new backpack. She loves that it is covered with sparkly butterflies and that it is her favorite color, purple. When she discovers what happens to damaged items that she leaves in her backpack overnight, she realizes that her ...

  • Imagine


    How big is your imagination? What would your perfect day look like? What if you become a rock star? What if you have superpowers? Travel along with Angel on her journey as she imagines her perfect day.

  • Thumper Finds A New Home


    Thumper and Thelma, two flying squirrels who live in an old attic with their many brothers and sisters, venture out one day and have an exciting adventure. They survive a rainstorm, play on the clouds, and even chase a rainbow! At the end of the ...