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  • My Blanket


    It's the miracle of a child with their new exciting skill of reading that I love so much. And when they can find themselves in the story, it becomes even more profound. After reading My Blanket, my granddaughter Malia, was convinced that this story ...

  • Invisibles


    Ever wonder where that missing sock went? How about that last piece of a puzzle set? Are these items just lost? Maybe, or perhaps the Invisibles had something to do with it. The Invisibles are adorable, imaginative creatures that like to hide and ...

  • Dragons Can't Spell


    Jimmy’s dreams were usually very silly. But on this night - the night before the spelling bee, Jimmy’s silly dreams never came... For free “Dragons Can’t Spell” lesson plans and other teacher resources go to

  • Molly McFrost Gets Lost


    Reading with young children will set them up for success and feed their thirst for knowledge! This charming story will engage young listeners and readers as they embark on a journey to find their own way. The rhythm and rhyme of the words will ...

  • Fitz Goes to the Pool


    Every Friday, three-year-old Fitz spends the day with his grandparents while his two dads go to work. Today, his Gramma and Granfa take him to Gollywobble Pool to splash and play and eat yummy snacks. Fitz thinks he sees an octopus in the water, but ...

  • Mr. Aeroplane


    Chanté, an innocent sweet four-year-old is eager for a sibling and follows her mother’s advice to ask aeroplanes to drop a baby. After some disappointments, a beautiful dream and the help of her friends Chanté finally gets the baby brother she’s ...

  • Off the Beaten Path


    An imaginative and delightful tale with a strong, positive message, The Garden-Ville Bunch in Off the Beaten Path will entertain children and adults alike as they read about the special friendship shared by this group of animated vegetable ...

  • The Elfling and the Woodpecker


    Elder elf Buxton is in a terrible dilemma – his beard is stuck to a tree and nighttime is approaching. Bastian the elfling seeks the guidance of a woodpecker and other woodland friends to help. With cooperation and determination, they are able to ...

  • Princess and Troll

    Once Upon A Time on a Bad Hair Day by

    Princess Marie Antonette, who lives in a fairy-tale kingdom far away, is no ordinary girl. Her long, beautiful hair changes colour several times a day—from blue, to pink, to violet, and more! Her parents worry that she is sick, but the princess’s ...

  • Tamo Sleeps Anywhere


    Unlike most children his age, Tamo doesn’t mind going to sleep. He can sleep anytime and anywhere—in the strangest of places and the silliest of positions! From tree branches to grocery carts, Tamo never misses an opportunity to snooze. Children ...