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  • Wiley

    The Adventures of a Wacky Water Droplet: Evaporation by

    “Oh, for the love of rain.” Wiley is a tiny water droplet with lots of questions: “What is my purpose, and why do we fall? Why are the clouds so wide and so tall? Where do droplets come from, and how do we change? What is beyond the clouds? I find ...

  • Taffy and Troy

    A Dip and A Snip by

    Taffy and Troy loved to play in the dirt. Oh what a sight! Would they ever turn white again? They needed to have a dip before they could go for a snip. This is the second book in the Taffy and Troy series. Taffy and Troy show early readers that ...

  • Silver Buttons


    Brimming with endearing illustrations of a little girl and a personality so big, almost any child can relate to her feelings about something so special, it's with her wherever she goes. When faced with having to let go of her favourite silver ...

  • Farts are like Snowflakes


    With so much to learn, from science to the arts, this is a book to learn all about farts. This book is a poem that's funny and classy, meant to bring smiles to all who've been gassy.

  • Becca Lou the Cow that Couldn't Moo


    How will Becca Lou ever find true love if she’s so different from the other cows? She doesn’t know what to do, so she goes around to all of her friends on the farm, hoping that one of them will be able to teach her what she’s doing wrong. She visits ...

  • Howard’s Sore Toe


    Howard is a handsome Teddy Bear that loves to sit on his soft, comfortable bed and dream about adventures and trips. One day, even though it was cold and windy, he decides to go down the stairs and investigate what is outdoors. The cold wind and the ...

  • Isla's Adventure


    One summer day, Isla wakes up ready for an adventure, so she and her dog Lily set off to explore the neighbourhood. Along the way, Isla comes across two sweet dogs with big personalities – but without a home. Despite some challenges, Isla loves ...

  • Differences


    "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities" - Stephen R. Covey. It’s fun to hang out with friends who are the same as us. We feel comfortable and accepted. But is there a downside to everyone being the same? Lacey and her friends find out ...

  • Flu


    A brave pigtailed girl and her trusty stuffed sidekick courageously battle the scourge that is the common seasonal flu. With courage, gumption, and a sense of adventure, they face off against boisterous bandit viruses threatening to spoil her day. ...

  • Walter the Whistler Bear


    When Walter the Whistler Bear is tempted down the mountain in search of a snack, he hops into a garbage truck where he gobbles up a feast, falls asleep, and accidentally arrives in Vancouver. As Walter wanders through Stanley Park, he soon ...