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  • Where the Light Doesn't Go


    Darkness is always with us, just behind the brightness of day. It’s beyond the sun in the sky, beyond the overhead lights in our houses … beyond the night-lights that keep darkness at bay when all the other lights go out. Does that scare ...

  • Don't Eat Me, Crocodile


    A crocodile is in search of lemonade, but everyone is afraid of his pointy teeth! Join in the fun with a friendly crocodile as he finds out just what it takes to get the drink he craves.

  • The Adventures of Landon and Lucy


    Landon and Lucy, they are the best of friends . . . and no matter the season, there are adventures to be had! In these four rhyming stories, follow Landon and Lucy’s escapades through Winter Frolics, Spring Frenzies, Summer Frazzles, and Fall ...

  • From Your First Heartbeat

    A Love Story for My IVF Babies by

    Sometimes babies come into a family in the old-fashioned way, but sometimes parents need to try extra hard to have a baby and have to go to a doctor for help. But mommies and daddies don’t mind taking a few extra steps if it means their dream of ...

  • Mouzart


    Mouzart is a musical mouse who lives in my piano and plays by the light of the moon. There’s a big problem, though—he won’t let me sleep! In the middle of the night, while I’m lying in bed, Mouzart bounces around the piano, creating lively songs. ...

  • The Reason There's Bubbles


    When Finn the mouse is whisked away to Fairyland, adventure is not far behind. The Reason There’s Bubbles continues the story of the little grey mouse who we first met in The Trouble with Bubbles. In this new tale, Finn is brought into a magical ...

  • Spotty

    Searches for Meaning by

    Spotty is a little ladybug boy who has no idea what makes him special. With the help of his uncle, Spotty travels across forests and meadows, searching high and low for clues about what he might be good at. But when he tries to be like the creatures ...

  • Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere


    Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere is a rhyming story about too many bubbles taking over at bath time and the chaos that follows! A fun filled adventure with whimsical illustrations that adults will love to read aloud and children will enjoy hearing again ...

  • Arabelle the Queen of Pirates

    Arabelle and Kraken by

    Arabelle, Bluebeard’s daughter, is the new pirate captain of her father’s ship. She takes command of the crew and sets sail to claim treasures from the sea. All Bluebeard asks is that she visit the black-magic woman of Caraibes and bring back her ...

  • Max Magee


    “Play for me, young Max Magee, Just one before you go . . .” In this touching, melodic book, a mother reminisces on her son’s life as a pianist. As a child, he practices before running out to play, and as he ages, he inherits his father’s grand ...