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yoga, mindfulness, spiritual poetry, inspirational, beauty of nature, life and death, Victoria

Gifts of Insight
by Michelle Schroeder

These short, lyric poems range from playfully haiku-like to candidly confessional. In them, Michelle reflects on nature, sensory experience, and her own personal journey through life’s trials and tribulations. The result is a call to interoception and the celebration of love, life, and the divine unity of all things:

Exhale, inviting in surrender.

Knowing these memorable moments,

grow your connection with Divine Love.

The connection of all life. (“Divine Love”)

This book will appeal to yogis, the spiritual-minded, and anyone looking for poetic inspiration and guidance on moving through life in mindfulness.

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It is a core tenet of Michelle Schroeder’s personal and professional life to follow the guidance of intuitive wisdom and use it to assist others. Michelle is the co-founder of Ajna Yoga, a Yoga Therapy College and Therapeutic Yoga Studio located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She has been practicing yoga, offering classes and workshops, for twenty-one years. Michelle’s poetry-writing uses quiet meditation as a way to hear wisdom that can be transferred to the page for all to receive. Her creative writing practice spans over three decades; this collection is her first single-author publication. She is also a contributing author of Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog, an anthology of writings on yoga and meditation (Flower of Life Press, 2018).

Michelle lives in a three-generation family home in Victoria, BC, which includes her mom, Sharon; her daughter, Mikaela; and two cats, Squeaker and Mr. Magoo.


Michelle Schroeder

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