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Grandma, Grandma’s house, family time, joy, bedtime, rescue, moon

Little Billy Blaster Blasts Off to Grandma's House
by Granny G

Little Billy Blaster is so excited to spend the night at Grandma’s house that he blasts into the car, blasts into her arms, then blasts into the house—his toys and things all over the place. But when he blasts right up to the moon to avoid bedtime, Billy is cold and scared. Luckily for him, Grandma has a great big ladder to bring him home safe and sound.

Little Billy Blaster Blasts Off to Grandma’s House is a sweet, humorous story that captures the love and joy between grandparents and grandkids.

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Granny G has her own Little Billy Blaster amongst her grandchildren—her grandson, Lucas. Her time as a mother, grandmother, and childcare-provider has given her an arsenal of stories about children for children. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her husband. She is also the author of the novel, Making Amends under the pen name D. J. Callaghan.


Granny G

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